The Cowsills In Books

Can Rock & Roll Save The World?: an illustrated history of music and comics
by Ian Shirley
SAF Publishing Ltd August 22, 2005


on Page 88:
The crossover from music TV programmes into comics was not only limited to the Monkees. Charlton comics published a comic featuring The Partridge Family that ran for twenty-one issues between March 1971 and December 1973. For those unfamiliar with the name, this TV programme began airing in America in September 1970 and featured a fictional family pop group. The show was inspired by the real-life family pop group The Cowsills who scored impressive hits in 1967 with 'The Rain, The Park and Other Things' and 'We Can Fly'. And yes, the Cowsills did have their own one-off comic published by Harvey Comics in October 1968, which as well as stories, lyrics and interviews also featured some pretty groovy psychedelic pin-ups of the band.

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