The Cowsills In Books

C'mon, Get Happy... - 8 Copy Prepack : Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus
by David Cassidy
Warner Books July 1, 1994


Page 51:
The pilot was called "The Family Business." In it, Shirley Jones, playing a widow, hears a racket in the garage one day. It's her five wholesome but high-spirited kids, who are forming a band. The kids decide that Mom's soprano voice is just what they need, and they decide to add her to their band. (The story was inspired by the Cowsills, a family group consisting of a mother and her six children, which in 1967 and '68 recorded such hits as "Indian Lake," "Poor Baby," and "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things")

Page 58:
(Speaking of Wes Farrell) He'd produced records for Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge and the Cowsills, which is I'm sure why Larry Utall, who was the head of Bell Records, hired him. A no-brainer, right?

Page 60:
One never knows about television, of course; it's a roll of the dice at best. But everyone had a good feeling about the show. It was new and different, even if it had been inspired by the Cowsills. We felt we had a lot of things going for it because of the humor, the music, the possibility of David becoming a young teen idol.

Page 63:
Occasionally I did get to contribute a song myself. Tony Romeo, who wrote "I Think I Love You," had previously written some of the Cowsills' most memorable songs, including "Indian Lake" and "Poor Baby." He was one of the great lyrical and musical forces of the era - unique and very special.

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