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. . . been involved in been involved in cases of grading irregularities and forged transcripts.

But there's a difference: Cowsill, a Van Nuys Vietnam veteran whose education was financed by the VA, is the first student to blow the whistle on himself. Speaking at the monthly meeting of the LACCD's board of trustees yesterday, Cowsill briefly outlined how he traded his power as student body president of Valley College last year to obtain free credits.

He told of providing guest speakers to instructors in exchange for a passing grad in a class he would never attend. He spoke of raising th budget allocation for a department in exchange for grad favors.

Trustee Harold Garvin, a former instructor at the district’s Harbor College, said trading budget considerations for favors is “nothing new to me.”

“That's politics,” he said. “I've seen that happen on my campus.”

Chancellor Leslie Koltai promised to investigate Cowsill's allegations. And Cowsill Said he thinks when the VA finds out about the fraudulent units, he may be asked to pay back the money it gave him to finance the classes.

Cowsill, separated and the father of two young children, said he decided to tell all after receiving 18 credits for classes he never took.

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