The Cowsills In Books

Death Of Rock 'N' Roll
by Jeff Pike
Faber and Faber


Page 242:
Barbara Cowsill, died January 31, 1985, age 56
Singer, with the Cowsills; from Newport, Rhode Island. Barbara Cowsill was Mom in the Cowsills, the sixties family group who provided the prototype for the Partridge Family. The Cowsills included kids Bill, Bob, Dick, Paul, Barry, John, and Sue, and were managed by their non-performing Dad, William �Bud,� who was a retired Navy officer. Their hits were actually pretty good, including the 1967 number 2 �The Rain, the Park and Other Things,� the 1968 number 10 �Indian lake,� and the classic �Hair,� from the musical, which took to number 2 in 1969. Shirley Jones, let alone Florence Henderson, had nothing on Barbara Cowsill. The details of her death are obscure, but kids Bob, Paul, John, and Sue have since reunited to tour again.

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