The Cowsills In Books

Do Not Open: The Discarded Refrigerators of Post-Katrina New Orleans
By Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
McFarland August 24, 2010


Page 167:
With our ability to be connected in an instant to others, it is hard to fathom pondering the fate of the mission. More often than not, the missing turned up dead. One of the more publicized stories concerning a missing man focused on former '60s teen idol Barry Cowsill. The musician, who had lived the last few years of his life on and off in New Orleans, had not been heard from since leaving phone messages to his sister Susan (who also lives in New Orleans) a few days after the storm. The notice that appeared on the group's Web site says it all:

It is with deep sadness that we report that the search for Barry has ended. No longer is Barry missing. His body was found under a wharf in New Orleans in late December 2005 and identified via dental records on January 4th, 2006. The coroner has determined the cause of death to be drowning in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Barry is survived by his siblings, two daughters, one son and two grandsons as well as a step-daughter and two step-granddaughters.

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