The Cowsills In Books

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music
by Colin Larkin
Omnibus Press 2007


on Page 1267:
Billed as 'America's First Family Of Music', the Cowsills were all born in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. The group featured Bill (b. 9 January 1948; guitar/vocals), Bob (b. 26 August 1949; guitar/vocals), Paul (b. 11 November 1952; keyboards/vocals), Barry (b. 14 September 1954; bass/vocals), John (b. 2 March 1956; drums) and Susan (b. 20 May 1960; vocals). Occasionally augmented by their mother Barbara (b. 1928; vocals), they came to the attention of writer/producer Artie Kornfeld who co-wrote and produced their debut single 'The Rain, The Park And Other Things' which reached number 2 in the US charts in December 1967. Featuring lyrics by Bill, their happy, bouncy harmonies were evident on the subsequent singles 'We Can Fly', 'In Need Of A Friend' and the 1968 Top 10 hit 'Indian Lake'. Their energetic interpretation of the title song from the rock musical Hair reached number 2 in May 1969 and proved to be their swansong. Shortly afterwards Bill left to pursue a career in composing. Before they split up in 1972, they became the inspiration for the NBC US television series The Partridge Family, starring David Cassidy, in 1970. In January 1985 Barbara died of emphysema, aged 56, in Tempe, Arizona, USA.
ALBUMS: The Cowsills (1967)***, We Can Fly (1968)***, Captain Sad And His Ship Of Fools (1968)**, The Cowsills In Concert (1969)**, On My Side (London 1971)**.
COMPILATIONS: The Best Of The Cowsills (1968)***.

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