The Cowsills In Books

Erranty: Strange Stories
by Elizabeth Hand
Small Beer Press November 13, 2012


"Is there a channel just for your songs?" asked Tommy as we drove over the railroad tracks and headed north to old Route 22. Angus tapped the radio screen until he found something he liked. "Like is there a satellite that just beams 'Do It All Day'?"

Angus nodded. "That would be the Burnout Channel."

"This is the Cowsills," I said. "That song about the park and other things."

"And then I knew," chanted Tommy, "That she had made me happy."

"Happy, Happy," echoed Angus. He began to sing his own words.

"I love the Folding Man
He may be just a drunk
And I'm a worn-out skunk . . . "

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