The Cowsills In Books

Fifty Sides of the Beach Boys: The Songs That Tell Their Story
by Mark Dillion
ECW Press June 1, 2012


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In 2007, Mike Love looked to shake things up and Kowalski's tenure ended. Then 64, he left The Beach Boys as the band's longest-serving drummer - even longer than Dennis. John Cowsill of '60s pop group The Cowsills, who had been playing keyboards for the touring Beach Boys, moved over to drums.

Totten would prepare his bandmates by sending them an MP3 of the isolated parts they each had to sing. The harmony blend generally saw bassist Randell Kirsch handling the high end, followed down the scale by Totten, then Bruce, guitarist Christian Love (Mike's son) and Mike. The band was rounded out by drummer and sometimes vocalist John Cowsill (of '60s pop band The Cowsills) and Canadian keyboardist Tim Bonhomme.

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