The Cowsills In Books

Ghosts: Minnesota's Other Natural Resource
by Brian Leffler
Schiffer Publishing November 7, 2007


on Page 87:
My involvement with ****** began in November of 2005. She had sent an email telling me of ghostly happenings in her home, with incidents beginning in September of 2005, and wanted to know if we would be interested in coming to ******* to investigate her ghosts—she was not at all comfortable with ghostly episodes. She had also sent me a photo that she took in the house, but unfortunately, I didn't think it was of paranormal nature.

We continued to talk and I found out about the Mardi-Gras beads that hang on the door to ***'s room that move without provocation — and at some very strange times. I also found out about a shadow that **** saw in her room, which was a frightful experience for her. It moved toward her while in bed, and it blocked out her view of a lava lamp, which she had placed in her room.

As we talked off and on about her haunting, it was discovered in late December that a friend of ***'s, Barry Cowsill, was killed in September of 2005 in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. Barry was a singer in the group "The Cowsills," a contemporary pop group I suspect many of you may have heard of. Barry loved **** and felt comfortable with *** and his surroundings. It was quite a shock to Jane to find that she had lost her friend in such a tragic way, and even more of a shock that his body was not discovered until late December of 2005 under a pier.

*** had noted that her paranormal occurrences had not begun until after Hurricane Katrina passed and wondered if it was possible that Barry's spirit would be at her home. I did tell her that it was very possible, as I do not believe that it takes a tragedy for a ghost to hang around. I am also a firm believer that love can be very compelling, and the deeply-rooted love that Barry had for *** and ***'s house was enough for him to want to be there. . . .

As for Barry Cowsill, we believe that he is residing in ***, at least part of the time. I was sitting on a bed in the upstairs and asking if he was there. I heard a voice reply to me, "I'm here." It was a very deep, raspy, and almost wheezy voice that sounded like it was struggling to move air in and out. When I described this voice to ***, she informed me that Barry was in a car accident some years ago and damaged his larynx by hitting it on the steering wheel, as well as having emphysema from being a two-plus-pack-a-day smoker for a very long time. I think that he loved the place so much that he returned there — well, at least for some off and on visit time. I think that he just wants *** and *** to know that he loves them and thanks them very much for treating him like a regular human being, instead of being star struck and regarding him differently.

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