The Cowsills In Books

Music's Golden Frontier: A Retrospective on the Ingathering of Popular Music In The Late 20th Century
by Smitty Herron
July 23, 2010


on Page 69:

Page 51
(1967 also saw the beginnings of outstanding talent such as ......) And better yet, performers that were alread established turned it up a notch.

Solomon Burke, King Curtis, Etta James, The Cowsills, Don Covay, The mcCoys, Cyrcle, Steve Miller Blues Band, Vicki Carr, Willie Hutch, Lee Dorsey, Ed Ames, Peaches & Herb, Gail Garnett, Player, Dr. Demento, Frank Zappa, Spencer Davis Group, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Van Morrison. Also Frank & Nancy Sinatra teamed up for Somethin' Stupid.

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