The Cowsills In Books

GO Pop Annual 1968
by Robin Leach, Ron Hutcheson
Pyramid Books 1968


Page 17-18:
Which brings us back to the unanswered forecast: "We'll be one of the last groups to hit it big in America." A handful of people are prepared to question that statement, and are ready to prove their point by the use of dollars ... a great deal of dollars. The money is being—and has been—put behind the Cowsills. Unlike the Monkees, they were not handed a television series with which to launch their talents. Instead, the money went into a giant promotional undertaking. On the day of release of their debut M-G-M single "The Rain, the Park and Other Things," The Cowsills set off on a coast-to-coast "closed doors" promotional tour. In every city they visited the record company had organized a party, with guests drawn from local radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines. The Cowsills played their music—but not for the public. Only in late December, several weeks after their single had steadily climbed to the top of the charts, did they make their public debut in New York City. This is scheduled to be only the beginning. A television series has been discussed, and plans for a movie appearance have been drawn up. The buildup for the Cowsills promises to be even bigger and more expensive than that of the Monkees'. Will it succeed? It seems highly likely, because all the promotional revenue in the biggest record company's bank account cannot force the public to buy a record it doesn't like. The first Cowsills single was a success. Having come this far along the road it is a safe bet that the planners will not let this success be tarnished by poor subsequent releases. The big question is, of course, will the Cowsills take over from the Monkees? It may be a question that does not have to be answered. No one need actually take over from the Monkees. And no company need spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in an attempt to take over from the Monkees. There is room enough in the entertainment field for the Monkees AND the Cowsills, and perhaps even others like them. After all, the Monkees didn't really take over from the Beatles, but they haven't done so badly, have they?


Four members of the Cowsillls obviously believe in making hay while the sun shines.

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