The Cowsills In Books

Groupies and Other Girls: A Rolling Stone Special Report
by John Burks Jerry Hopkins Jan Wenner
Bantam 1970


Page 96:
A recent poll of 16's readers gives ample evidence of the power of the tube. Bobby Sherman, from Here Come the Brides, and Michael Cole, from Mod Squad, finished number one and number two respectively, while four member from the cast of the spook opera Dark Shadows were bunched in third place. Fourth spot went to Leonard Whiting Romeo from the film Romeo and Juliet. While the Cowsills, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and the Union Gap are all very popular now, none of them are creating anywhere near the fuss the Beatles and the Monkees once did. "At the moment, there aren't really any big music groups," claims Gloria. "But that doesn't mean that by next month there won't be. There aren't really any popular girls now either Cher was the last. Our readers weren't jealous or envious of her. lnstead, they felt they could talk to her and that she would understand them."

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