The Cowsills In Books

Harry and Wally's favorite TV shows
by Harry Castleman, Walter Podrazik
Prentice Hall Press 1989


Page 395:
In the late 1960s, there was a mildly successful rock group called the Cowsills. They are best remembered for the hit version of the song "Hair" (from the controversial play of the same name), and other hits such asd "Rain, the Park and Other Things" and "Indian Lake." What made the Cowsills unique was that theywere a family: a mother and her four kids singing together.

The idea behind the Cowsills seemed so cute and so cuddly that it had to be turned into a TV series. lt was, and the series is called The Partridge Family. Like the Cowsills, the Partridge clan is mom and her kids (three boys and two girls), who sing together and become an overnight sensation (with the simple but catchy tune "l Think I Love You"). The TV show follows the group as they tour the land in their psychedelic school bus with their grumpy manager Reuben Kinkaid. Following the lead of the Monkees, another group prefabricated for TV, the Partridge Family became a real-life success on the pop charts and David Cassidy, who played the eldest Partridge son, became a true teen heartthrob.

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