The Cowsills In Books

How to Write About Music: Excerpts from the 33 1/3 Series, Magazines, Books and Blogs with Advice from Industry-leading Writers
by Woodworth and Grossan
Bloombury - February 26, 2015


Page 96:
If you could only recapture the times when you were just a creep and your responses to other creeps were just creepy, man that's where primal innocence is at. Go back to the days when you could really get something out of “Can I Get a Witness” and “Walkin' the Dog,” an innocence that you still had all the way up to “Last Time” but not “Satisfaction,” when you spread it on too thick and lost your vulnerability. Innocent even when you know completely where Cassius Clay was at and even Feuerbach but not Feuerbach as a post-religious guy. Man once upon a time you knew that the Cowsills ate it but somehow could be listened to, you know it without resorting to calling them a pack of freaks. Man the Stones were always happy don't you see? But now you see the Doors are like Cowsills and their worldview is irrelevant. . . .

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