The Cowsills In Books

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon.
by Crystal Zevon
Ecco May 1, 2007


Note: This book is a series of interviews with various people.

Page 43 (circa late 60's - early 70's):
Crystal Zevon - ".....I'd gone out with Waddy on and off since 1967 when we met in Vermont. Waddy's band Twice Nicely was hired to play in this club in Sugarbush, the Blue Tooth, where I worked. Bud Cowsill, the father of the family singing group the Cowsills, became the band's manager and took them to LA. He hired me to run the Cowsills' fan club....:"

Page 75 (early 70's):
John Rhys -"It was Waddy and Roy Marinell playing bass, and Eddie Ponder playing drums. The Everly brothers came in separately. Warren got in Don first because they weren't talking to each other at the time. Then, he got in Phil and he told me "Don't play Don's part because if Phil hears it, he wont sing." So we put both of them on, unbeknownst to each other, singing on "Poor, Poor Pitiful me." There were a lot of people who came in and out on that session. Barry Cowsill, Jackson (Browne), T-Bone Burnett, Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. But, mostly it was the nucleus of Warren, Waddy, Roy and Eddie. I left the studio set up for over a month. Eddie's drums never left the position. David Lindley played slide and fiddle on "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me.' It was just one big, giant party. It was a mighty time. "

Page 49 (circa 1974-75):
Jimmy Wachtel "We were at Benny K's and there was a big fight in the bar. Arnie Geller and I worked over some old dude. I believe Billy Cowsill made a remark and these two guys attacked the band. Very funny. The last real fight I was in. The place is now a gay bar. I guess Crystal and Warren went home together, but I wasn't paying much attention to that to tell."

Page 388 (circa early 2000's):
Matt Cartsonis - "At Calgary we were booked to play a main stage show, the regular set, and also to do a wowrkshop with Nick Lowe, Robyn Hitchcock, Sleep LaBeef - who is a 60 year old rockabilly, very loud cat from Louisiana, and Billy Cowsill, who lived in Calgary. Warren was freaked. He's saying "Oh, Christ, how close to the crowd are you when you're doing this stuff? They'll tear us apart. They'll go straight for the jugular......."

Who's Who
(Names of his buds, the years they were in his life and nicknames that Warren gave them.)

Billy Cowsill (Bonkers Billy) 1970 - 1975. lead singer and songwriter for the Cowsills.

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