The Cowsills In Books

Killing Me Softly: My Life In Music
by Charles Fox, Roberta Flack
Scarecrow Press - September 16, 2011


Page 153:
We offered the main title song to a very popular young group at that time, the Cowsills, who were riding high on the charts with their record, Hair. They were going to record "Love, American Style" as the theme song for the show, and it was going to be their next single record as well. I flew from California to Saratoga Springs, New York, where they were performing in concert, one blizzard-filled night, to meet with them and go over the recording and the show's needs. They came to California for the actual recording sessions. For the next enteri year, I was commuting back anf forth between NY and LA, doing an episode or two and flying back home to be with my family while the next episodes were being shot and edited. ....

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