The Cowsills In Books

Legalized Kidnapping: A True Story
by Shanity Rain
AuthorHouse November 4, 2013


on Page 154:

Barry Cowsill

A friend, a poet, a music Man, The Cowsill remembering the song "hair" on the radio as a 5 yr old. As fate brought us together one day in New Orleans Barry Cowsill the hidden artist yet well known.

Adoring your eyes and smile, hat, the look when you asked me. "do you remember the Cowsills?" as I then began to sing. "long, beautiful Hair, flaxen, waxen blacksen "Hair! Oh daddy dayyd" his life and smile, his love imagining me for a while, yes ... in love.

My Friend met his fate passionate, his Legacy, bravely refusing evacuation Katrina, a storm too strong for even An artist with a guitar, my love fallen Remembered now by all, for his remains were found under a bridge, The Oyster poor boys, The zydeco to blues, Barry, too great for Our World.

Barry Cowsill, whi

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