The Cowsills In Books

Life Is Just What You Make It : My Life So Far
by Donny Osmond
Hyperion Press May 1, 2000


(Note: Can you find all the mistakes in these statements by Donny?)

Page 64

..... Between 1962 and 1965, my brothers released four albums of barbershop, religious, and contemporary standards on MGM Records, as well as a couple of singles. In 1966, we recorded for Andy's label, Barnaby Records, and worked with Bill Cowsill, the father of another future family group, the Cowsills ("The Rain, the Park, and Other Things" and "Hair," to name just two), but neither of those two sides ("I Got Lovin' on My Mind" backed with a Tongan song called "E-Mollie 'A'") did much to expand our following. ....

Page 94

The 1970s brought profound changes in families. Divorce was hitting an all-time high, and I don't think it's coincidence that young teenagers growing up in such tumultuous times embraced famous families, both make-believe, like the Bradys and the Partridge Family, and real, like the Cowsills, the Jackson 5, the Osmonds.

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