The Cowsills In Books

L'Italia I San Remo
by Gianni Borgna
Nella Collezione 1998


Note: This book is in Italian and Google translator used to translate.

Page 127:
Little luck, however, has a curious motive entitled Le opera di Bartolomeo, signed by Sergio Bardotti and played by the Rokes and the Cowsills. The Rokes, formed in 1960, were an English band that arrived in Italy in May '63 in search of notoriety. Norman David "Shel" Shapiro, Bobby Posner, Johnny Raimond Charlton and Mike Shepstone had been spotted in 1964 at the Ariccia unknown festival and were immediately launched into the recording firmament.

Page 223:
1968 (1-2-3 february) Participants: . . . Le opere di Bartolomeo (Bardotti-Cini), The Rokes, The Cowsills

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