The Cowsills In Books

Lonely Avenue: The Unlikely Life and Times of Doc Pomus
by Alex Halberstadt
Da Capo February 26, 2008


She wanted to take the kids to Africa, but Sharon and Geoffrey were back in New York and didn't want another adventure. They had gotten used to new teachers and friends they'd made at the school for the children of the Happy Time cast on the Paramount lot. They missed the hotel pool and spending Christmas at Jimmy Durante's, and ten-year-old Sharon had fallen in love with Robert Goulet's stand-in, a soap opera heartthrob named John Gabriel, and later with Goulet himself. February in New York was cold and wet. Still, Sharon and Geoffrey got along with Shirlee right away. She was moe like an older sister than a mother, and Doc had never been one for disciplin anyway. Besides, the Cowsills - the band that became the model for The Partridge Family - lived a couple of floors above them at 888 Eighth Avenue.

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