The Cowsills In Books

Morningstar: Growing Up With Books
by Ann Hood
W. W. Norton & Company August 7, 2018


From the distance of so many decades, I understand the appeal to a yearning, dreamy young girl of a chansonnier who wrote about the beach and the rain, both of which remain important to me. I understand how all that loneliness spoke to me, a girl who felt alone in the world in which she lived. But I see too how those poems reflecting my yearning to leave my familiar world. And in 1970, when teenagers left home they went to San Francisco. The Summer of Love had been just the year before, and magazines and newspapers printed photographs of hippies every day, long-haired girls with flowers in their hair and blue-jeaned barefoot boys in Haight-Ashbury. Even a group as seemingly benign as the Cowsills sang about loving the flower girl, who sits smiling in the rain with flowers in her hair - Flowers everywhere!

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