The Cowsills In Books

Musical Theater: An Appreciation
by Alyson McLamore
November 2, 2004


Page 200:
The title song of the show, “Hair” reached number 16 in 1969, in a version made by a wholesome family group, the Cowsills – a record which might never haver received any airplay were it not for a wager. The Cowsills were booked to perform on a television show with Carl Reiner, who thought it would be entertaining to have them sing "Hair," since it was so contrary to their squeaky clean image. They prerecorded the song, since they would lip- sync during the television special, and they liked the result so much that they tried to persuade MGM to release the song. MGM kept refusing, but the family persuaded an MGM agent to take the song to a radio program director. The program director agreed to broadcast the single if he couldn't identify the performers. He was stumped, so he added the song to the station playlist, which forced MGM to make a general release of the song.

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