The Cowsills In Books

My Skating Life: Fifty Plus Years of Skating
by Jo Ann Schneider Farris
CreateSpace Independent 2016


Page 55:
Hollywood Professional School, at 5400 Hollywood Blvd., was in the center of one of the most dangerous parts of Hollywood near Sunset Blvd. As a college preparatory school it packed five classes into the hours between 8:45am and 12:45pm. There was no lunch period and, unsurprisingly, I received physical education credit for my skating. These hours fit perfectly with my demanding skating schedule.

The ambiance of the old building allowed me to leave my world of ice arenas and training for four hours a day and mingle with talented kids who weren't just figure skaters. It was fun to attend those forty five minute classes with The Cowsills (the model for the Partridge Family television series), Melanie Griffith (daughter of Tippi Hedren who starred in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, "The Birds," and who eventually became a superstar in Hollywood), and Mackenzie Phillips, daughter of John Phillips of the Mamas and the Pappas (who was about to gain fame for her role in American Graffiti and for the television series "One Day at a Time").

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