The Cowsills In Books

Next Big Thing
by Terry Kitchen
BookBaby - August 16, 2013


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We go out and watch Rock Paper Scissors since they sat and listened to us. We say hello to our few friends, then pull up stools at the bar. Annie and RPS are interesting, sort of a prog rock band with a pop/Nu Wave singer, like Belinda Carlisle fronting King Crimson. Boon’s a hell of a guitar player, with a full array of distortion and delay boxes spread around his feet, and the other players are good too, but the whole I think we’re a little funkier and grittier (the Harding, Ohio Players?) Annie and Boone appear to be an item, so I mentally add her to the list of women I’ll never sleep with, alongside Ursula Andress, Emma Peel, Cherie Currie and Suzy Cowsill. Not to mention Jackie. I wonder if Chas even has a list.

“Hey, want to go to IHOP with us?” Annie asks as we’re loading out. It’s after midnight and we have an hour’s drive back to Rockport but what the hell.

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