The Cowsills In Books

Woodstock: the oral history
by Joel Makower, Michael Lang
Excelsior July 9, 2009


Page 25:
ARTIE KORNFELD: In 1967-68, I was vice president of Capitol Records. I ran production for the East Coast - "comtemporary production" was what they called it in those days. I think I was the first company freak. I didn't have long hair but I thought head-wise. I was a head. I was one of the first excutives to break through and I was twenty-four. I had just finished the Cowsills. I wrote and produced all the Cowsills' stuff. I had written about twenty-five or thirty hits in the sixties and then became a producer and executive.

. . . So nothing became of the act (Train), but Michael (Lang) was sort of down and out at that point financially. And I had quite a bit of money because I had just had the Cowsills, and I was a writer, the producer, the publisher, and their manager. . . .

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