The Cowsills In Books

Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
by Diane Saks
iUniverse Publishing - July 29, 2011


Page 92:
This chapter promises to be much much shorter than the previous chapter. The Partridge Family was created by a vetran television sitcom writer named Bernard Slade. The idea, originally called Family Business, was conceived in 1968 when Slade became fascinated with a real-life family rock group called the Cowsills. Originally, the Cowsills were supposed to star in a series about themselves. The Cowsills declined the offer because the producers didn't want to use Mrs. Cowsill but instead used Shirley Jones. I agree with the Cowsills not to do the television show. The Cowsills consisted of their mother Barbara (1928-1985), her four sons, and young daughter from Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Cowsill acted as their manager but was not a member of the group.

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