The Cowsills In Books

Rant of the Mad Man
by Charlie Greer
iUniverse October 2003


Page 16:
I like The Cowsills

There. I've said it, and I feel better for having done so. The poor Cowsills. . .I mean, they were the Partridge family, but the studio wanted to replace their mother. They wouldn't do it. So it was bye-bye Cowsills, hello Cassidy and gang. (Note: Jones was Cassidy's real life step-mom) I received a review, and it said it said I sounded like The Cowsills! I thought it was cool and put it in my MP3 description. Sometime later, I was looking for songs in MP3 format. I thought of The Cowsills and did a search. Guess who came up? F*&*^%* me ... Charlie Greer! What a shock! The Cowsills couldn't be found, which is a shame. The only mention of them was in the description. There wasn't even a historical timeline or anything. Notta! Welcome to the world of obscurity!

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