The Cowsills In Books

Return to Quag Keep
by Andre Norton, Jean Rabe
Tor Science Fiction January 2, 2008


Page 289:
"These gotta be antiques. I'd forgotten they actually made these things." Shilo referred to an assortment of eight=track taped liked up in a lidless shoebox. The Beach Boys' Endless Summer, Boz Skaggs' Silk Degrees, three Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond - arghh, her mother had played him all the time - Moody Blues, two Monkees, The Cowsills, and one cracked Lovin' Spoonful. There were 45s in another box, which she took out and sat on the floor beside her. "Oldie moldy music," she said. But her fingers lingered on the Rolling Stones. "Them and Neil Diamond've been around forever."

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