The Cowsills In Books

Rich and Famous The Further Adventures of George Stable
by James Lincoln Collier
Volo August 1, 1975


Page 46-47 :
. . . And I would have quit the whole thing, except that every time I was about to get up my nerve to tell Woody Woodward that I didn't want to be a musician, I just wanted to be an ordinary kid, he would come up with a big deal that was going to make me rich and famous. First there was some guy who was going to put together a kids' group for some television show; but that was the year that cowboy shows were big on television and nobody wanted a kids' group. Then there was the idea for a group imitating the Cowsills, were I was going to be part of a phony family named the Sheepmeadows, but just as that was getting started the big leader of it got busted for dope and that ended that. Then I was going to be in that murder movie for about a minute, and I practiced for six weeks on a minute's worth of music, which believe me was pretty boring; but they never made the movie.

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