The Cowsills In Books

Rock 'N' Roll Gold Rush
by Maury Dean
June 1, 2003
Algora Publishing


Page 219:
“Indian Lake” – Cowsills #10 6-68 SMILE – YOU’RE IN BRADY BUNCH AND PARTRIDGE FAMILY TERRITORY! Aha, Family Values music. Barbara Cowsill (1934-85) and her five boys and their sister Sue are known for wispy “The Rai, The Park & Other Things (#2 9-67). In #2, 3-69 “Hair” (theme from Hair), a lot of shaggy people wandered around looking for their clothes. The Cowsills became the prototype for the immensely successful TV family show The Brady Bunch.

“Indian Lake,” among best of the Bubble Gum genre, is glutted with war whoops, eager cresecendoes, the flyin’-high harmonies. Delightful day-tripper picnic, swim in the cove. Dig:

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