The Cowsills In Books

Rock Your Way to Happiness
by Al Lucia Donna Long
Jukebox (Sept. 1, 1999)


on Page 59-60:

The Rain, the Park and Other Things
(I Love the Flower Girl)
The Cowsills
Hanging With People Who Choose To Be Positive And Thankful Is Inspiring

The girl in this song is being admired from afar. She has flowers in her hair and appears to be content in spite of the rain that's falling from the sky. The guy observing her is convinced she could make him happy. He has obviously discovered the importance of surrounding himself with positive people.

When faced with life's challenges, people choose to react positively and find reason to be thankful or to react negatively and find reason to complain. By making a conscious decision to surround ourselves with people who choose to have positive attitudes, we are making a decision for happiness.

For most of us, maintaining a positive attitude in the face of negativity is a struggle. Negativity might be the most contagious condition ever, so we should minimize our exposure.

When you think of rainy days, do you think about the dark cloudy skies, or the clean, fresh earth with a rainbow overhead?

"We know who among our friends are best for us. We just need to remind ourselves ... once a day." - Mary Sochor, Class of 1974

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