The Cowsills In Books

Something in the Air
by Marc Fisher
Random House January 9, 2007


on Page 171:
In Atlanta, WPLO program director Ed Shane laid out the formant in a 1969 memo to his deejays. Part of what he said could have come straight from the Top 40 playbook:"Many stations have been confusing the intimate, conversational announcing style with non-professionalism ... There's no need to sound lost." But underground radio was very different from Top 40, and even someone trying to reduce it to a formula found himself out on the edge of society: Shane told his staff to avoid public service announcements for the military and read those for the Peace Corps or Biafra Relief instead. News, he said, must not be straight wire copy but should "argue a point." "Choose your music by taste rather than charts ... You're not there to sell records. The music you play must possess meaning and message." Don't play the Cowsills' prettified version of "Hair," play the Fifth Dimentions "Aquarius." Don't play Glen Campbell, play Donovan's "Atlantis," which "poses the question, 'Was Atlantis import in our own evolution?'"

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