The Cowsills In Books

Television Series and Specials Scripts, 1946-1992: A Catalog of the American
by Jeanette M. Berard, Norman Corwin, Klaudia Englund
McFarland April 13, 2009


Page 193:
The Jonathan Winters Show
PROD. NO.; 0113. AIR DATE:11-27-1968 TAPE DATE 11-18-1968 VERSION: final draft. WRITERS Baer, Art; Joelson, Ben; Blitzer, Barry; Brenner, Ray; Gergman, Ted; Mayer, Jerry; Koch, Tom. DIRECTOR Winters, Joan WITH: Arquette, Cliff; Bennett, Bern; The Cowsills; Curtis, Dick; Davis, Shelley; The Establishment; Ghostley, Alice; Lynde, Paul; Smith, Kate. ADDITIONAL INFO: credits; short rundown; rehearsal schedule (Nov. 17-18, 1968); lyrics; closing credits USED BY: Koch, Tom.

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