The Cowsills In Books

The Aesthetics of Rock
by Richard Meltzer
Da Capo Paperback 1987


Page 19:
And don't forget the Byrds' master-move into self-generating piety and generalized diffusely distinct sectarian non-sectarian religiosity. And, of course, the Cowsills are the wholesomely disguised clusion of the Pacific Ocean's effect on the surfin' music a connection which Trini Lopez has claimed to be evident in surf guitar imitations of the rolling of the surf.

Page 197:
Innocent even when you knew completely where Cassius Clay was at and even Feuerbach but not Feuerbach as a post-religious guy. Man once upon a time you knew that the Cowsills ate it but somehow could be listened to, you knew it without resorting to calling them a pack of freaks. Man the Stones were always happy, don't you see? But now you see the Doors are like Cowsills and their world view was irrelevant.

Front Matter:
... piece" on jazz and rock rejected by Down Beat, scraps from the Yale fiasco, and even two pages (linking the Cowsills and the Rolling Stones) from Soft Dull, an attempted first novel I took pleasure in feeding to a Manhattan incinerator in 1972.

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