The Cowsills In Books

The Dj: Sex, Violence and Rock 'n Roll
by Stephan Summers
Authorhouse August 30, 2006


on Page 170:
There will be a mandatory staff meeting tomorrow at 12 noon in Dick's office. Said the note. It was posted where it couldn't possibly be missed. "Now what? Tim thought. He hadn't done anything wrong lately. And holding a meeting in Dick's office was a little unusual. It would be a little cramped. But the smoking would really piss off Commnado Dopey and Benny Goody. "Good. That will be worth it."

"KBS." Tim answered.

"Would you play 'Hair' by 'The Cowsills'."

"Very funny Cheryl. Can't get very far form working withought talking shop, huh?"

"No. I thought I'd just tune in to your longhaired degenerate show." Cherl said laughing.

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