The Cowsills In Books

The movement toward a new America: the beginnings of a long revolution; (a collage)--a what?
by Mitchell Goodman
Pilgrim Press - 1971


Page 432:
. . .

One magazine editor described the micro- bopper telepathy this way: “Just before their song was announced as No. 1 ona New York hit parade, the pre-teen members of the Cowsills, a family music group adopted by MGM Records and supported by a $250,000 publicity campaign, were moving aimlessly around their agent’s office eerily communi- cating with each other in this fashion: Their own album provided background sound; they sang snatches of their music, touched one an- other, pushed and pulled, gradually, through movement, filling the office with themselves. Words were not strung together in sen- tences, they were used to punctuate ges- tures. To one of us not an understandable statement was made in twenty minutes.

. . .

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