The Cowsills In Books

Too Much Too Young Popular Music, Age and Gender
by Sheila Whiteley
Routloedge 2005


Page 165:
Somebody wants to be wanted

Unlike Cliff Richard, who started as a rock 'n' roll performer who moved into film as a way of extending his fan base, David Cassidy (b. April 12, 1950, New York, USA) started his career as a member of the US sitcom. The Partridge Family (1970-4). Inspired by the bouncy harmonies of family group, the Cowsills, and with Cassidy's stepmother Shirley Jones (best known for her role in such films as Carousel) taking the role of mother, Cassidy, along with Susan Dey and Danny Bonaduce soon attracted attention for their ability to sell records in their own right. . . .

Page 208:
The Cowsills were billed as 'America's First Family of Music' and were all born in Newport, Rhode Island, USA. Featuring Bill (b. January 1948, guitar/vocals), Bob (b. August 26, 1949, guitar/vocals), Paul (b. November 11, 1952, bass/vocals), John (b. March 2, 1956, drums) and Susan (b. May 20, 1960, vocals), they came to attention of writer/producer Artie Kornfeld who co-wrote and produced their debut single 'The Rain, The Park and Other Things' which reached No. 2 in the US charts in December 1967. Occasionally augmented by their mother Barbara (b. 1928, vocals), their happy, bouncy harmonies and family atmosphere inspired the NBC US television series The Partridge Family (Larkin, 1999, 315).

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