The Cowsills In Books

by Crazy Bob
AuthorHouse October 20, 2011


Page 52 :
Camp Pendleton advanced training. Not much fun there. None of the hippies liked us Marines. Most of us wished we had the long hair and vans so we could join in on the crazy time of life (not sure what was crazier). The great new bands had started up after Elvis got everyone going. Elvis, what an entertainer and what a waste when he died, but he was a big believer and I think it was time for him to go before something worse happened. Everyone called him the King, but he would always tell them that the real King was Jesus. How true he was. All kids of great music happening. The other Bands that I previously mentioned along with The Stones, The Animals, Otis Redding, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Cowsills, you name it, plus all of the other great bands to follow like Deep Purple, Arrow Smith, ZZ Top and many others. How could forget The Beatles back in the early 60's. Love my rock and roll music.

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