The Cowsills In Books

The Unexpected Salami : A Novel
by Laurie Gwen Shapiro
Algonquin Books April 1, 1999


Page 123:

Phillip munched on a red apple with little knobs on the bottom. It looked like the ones in the Time-Life books we used for references in my illustration class. My class partner, true-blue Peter who doctored Stuart's papers, had smiled when I said the apple didn't look right, that it hadn't developed fully yet. Peter had spent a month in a San Francisco and knew they were U.S. apples, delicious apples. I had a song in my head I'd plugged into on one of the legs of our flight, by the Cowsills. I hadn't heard it in years: "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things." The Skychannel host had said the Cowsills were the band they based the Partridge Family on, which I had to be sure to tell Rachel on the odd chance she didn't know that already. I sang out the backing vocals. "And I knew (I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew) / She could make me happy (happy, happy)."

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