The Cowsills In Books

by Deborah Challinor
Scholastic Australia
July 1, 2015


Friday 18 July, 1969
Awesome pictures of the Apollo 11 blast-off in the paper. The Russians have got a spaceship orbiting the moon now, too. Must be quite busy up there. Hope they don’t crash into each other.

At school today, Johnno had a picture of Marianne Faithfull in a coma at St. Vincent’s Hospital, with tubes coming out of her and everything. It wa a bit horrible, really. It was frm the Sydney Sunday Mirror. I wouldn’t have thought they’d have let a photographer in. Mum says those newspaper people are mongrels.

I wrote to Tom.

Number one is ‘Hair’ by the Cowsills, from the stage show. That moved up fast. ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ is up to number six. Johnno can play it on his guitar.

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