The Cowsills In Books

Vinyl Junkies : Adventures in Record Collecting
by Brett Milano
St. Martin's Griffin November 10, 2003


Page 200
(speaking of Lisa Sutton, a Los Angelas based artist and designer working for VH1)

She's an easy one to spot in a crowd, especially this crowd. It's a county fair in Newport, Rhode Island, and the entertainment is provided by the most famous group to come out of this city, the Cowsills, the singing family that scored a few quintessential bubblegum hits in the '6os. And this corner of Newport looks pretty much the same as it did when "Indian Lake" was on the radio. It's still the place where yachters hand out. Today it's a suntanned, mostly well-to-do crowd heavy on porkpie hats and shirts with little anchors on them - in all the atmosphere is more lobster roll than rock and roll. Having reunited and recorded over the past decade,

on Page 201
the Cowsills are now appreciated by power-pop diehards, but that's not who's in this crowd: it's the old Newport locals and the middle aged rockers who still cherish their teen crushes on various Cowsill sibs. Lisa is here to interview them for a VH1 documentary - at the moment, she knows more dirt on the group outside the immediate family - and she stands out in this company. ......

on Page 202
I suggested that that her musical taste might be a hard sell to other collectors-even with my abiding love for the Monkees and Cowsills, I'm reluctant to follow her into Partridge territory.

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