The Cowsills In Books

Walking After Midnight: One Woman's Journey Through Murder, Justice & Forgiveness
by Katy Hutchison and Frederic Luskin
New Harbinger Publications October 2006


on Page 50-51:
Bob and I often met friends after work at a pub in our Kitsilano neighborhood, where patrons were treated to the rockabilly music of Billy Cowsill every Tuesday night. Billy and his siblings had been rock sensations in the '60s and '70s. They had a huge hit with "Hair" from the rock opera of the same name and inspired the TV sitcom The Partridge Family. Years of hard living, substance abuse, and family alienation had pulled Billy pretty close to the gutter. He managed to cling to the edge and supported himself playing pubs on the local circuit. His voice belied his difficult past and moved all who heard it.

Bob had befriended Billy over the years and they often exchanged comedic banter between the stage and the floor during his sets. One night Billy joined our table as we were discussing wedding plans. He asked who was going to entertain at the reception. Bob joked that maybe Billy would like to, not thinking for a minute that he would agree. To our astonishment, Billy took it as a serious invitation and said he would love to take a road trip to Victoria. We could barely believe it. having Billy play would make the night unforgettable.

on Page 52:
Bob and I found a quiet moment down by the shore of the lake to discuss the evening's performance with Billy Cowsill. Bob had warned me in advance that the musician would not take kindly to playing requests. In particular, he suggested we let Billy choose the tune for our first dance. I as so thrilled to have Billy and his band playing live in the garden that I was game for anything they performed.

Bob broached the subject, "Have you given any thought to what you might play for our first dance?"

Billy squinted as the smoke from his cigarette curled up past his face. He paused for a moment, looking out over the lake, then slowly nodded. "Yup. It's gonna by Patsy Cline's 'Walking After Midnight.'" He ground his cigarette butt into the grass and turned purposefully toward the house, where his band members were starting to set up their equipment. Bob and I held one another, laughing, and decided we were just find making "Walking After Midnight" our song.

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