The Cowsills In Books

War and the Media: Essays on News Reporting, Propaganda and Popular Culture
Paul M. Haridakis, Barbara S. Hugenberg, and Stanley T. Wearden
September 15, 2009

American Records

The infusion of protest music into the mainstream culture is well-illustrated by the manner in which most Americans first heard songs like Hair, a musical about hippies, war, and America in the 1960s. When the play began its off-Broadway run in 1967, it was a raw and shocking production that featured nudity, profanity and desecration of the American flag on-stage. By 1969, the songs of Hair were among the most popular in the nation due largely to cover versions by the Fifth Dimension, a pop-soul quintet known for easy-listening ballads and the Cowsills, a real-life musical family that provided the inspiration for The Partridge Family television program (George-Warren & Romanski, 2001_.

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