The Cowsills In Books

Who's who in rock
by Michael Bone
New York 1981


Page 49:
Cowsills, The When Chief Petty Officer Bud Cowsill retired from the Navy in 1963 after 20 years of service, he decided to do something entirely out of the ordinary - he put the wife and kids on the road. Bud and wife Barbara, six sons - Bill (born 1948), Bob (born 1949), Barry (born 1954), John (born 1956), Dick (born 1950), Paul (born 1952) – and daughter Susan (born 1959), collectively known as the Cowsills, went off to become stars. Pretty soon they were $100,000 in debt, and the legend has them burning the furniture in their Rhode Island home to keep warm. Well, maybe. But in 1967 the family met Artie Kornfield, a producer looking for a wholesome act. The result was "The Rain, The Park And Other Things" (1967), followed by "Indian Lake" (1968) and "Hair" (1969), their biggest hit, a cleaned-up version of the title song to the hit Broadway musical. Then they went on to television. They've since faded from public view entirely.

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