The Cowsills In Books

Zine : how I spent six years of my life in the underground and finally found myself-- I think
by Pagan Kennedy Project
Santa Fe Writer's Project - June 1, 2014


Page 37:
In fact, "The Partridge Family" was modeled on a real bubblegum-rock family, The Cowsills (who sang "Indian Lake"). But, if memory serves, none of the Cowsill kids had hit their late teens -- and certainly none them were pop idols the way David Cassidy is portrayed to be. The PF makes the make rock star -- and rebellion -- palatable to TV views by placing him in the drugless, sexless world of the Cowsills

Page 49:
A friend of mine gave me a copy of Pagan's Head and I was knocked over by the coolness of the contents. I'm talking Bobby Sherman and Partridge Family here, two of my long-time rock heroes. I'm 25, so I grew up grooving to them, plus the Archies, Osmonds, DeFranco Family, Cowsills. Now that's real rock. Ever notice how the older boys in the Cowsills all look like chip and Robbie from "My Three Sons"?

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