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  • . . . . . . that the Cowsills have been approached to do a limited series about their lives? Joel Kastelberg has contacted them per their 10/27/21 podcast. Fingers crossed.

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  • The Cowsills were once part of David Letterman's Top Ten List? November 9, 1989 found David Letterman's Top Ten question...

                 "Top 10 Ways the Iranians Will Spend the $567 Million"
                       10. Upgrade hijackers to first class.
                        9. Have the Reagans visit 283 times.
                        8. Set up research lab to develop untippable coffin.
                        7. Kegger!
                        6. Commission movie biography of Salman Rushdie starring
                            the guy who played Horshack.
                        5. Pay for tourism campaign: "Iran -- sort of like Amish
                        4. Lure The Cowsills out of retirement.
                        3. New York City taxi licenses for everybody!
                        2. Next pizza: extra cheese!
                        1. Take the Mrs. to Atlantic City.

  • The Cowsills were on The Tonight Show twice? They appeared on August 5th, 1970 and July 14, 1971. You rich folks can get copies from Johnny Carson's site for $99 per show.

  • The Cowsills were on Kraft Music Hall twice? They appeared on January 29, 1969 with Eddy Arnold and Polly Bergen and December 24, 1969 with Wayne Newton, Jack Wild and Julie Budd.(added 07/23/04 --->)On this Christmas show, The Cowsills sang "Silver Bells", "Jingle Bell Rock", Oliver medley with Wayne, Julie, and Jack ("I'd Do Anything" - Jack Wild and Susan Cowsill - "Got To Pick a Pocket or Two" - the Cowsills)

  • The Cowsills were on American Bandstand? They appeared January 23, 1971 singing On My Side. Fellow guest Curtis Mayfield was on this show.

  • The Cowsills were on Ed Sullivan twice? They appeared on October 29, 1967 singing "TRTP&OT" and a medley featuring each member. Ed called them over to chat after this performance, something he only did if he liked you. Fellow guests on this show were Polly Bergan, Senor Wences, Peter Nero, Myron Cohen, Lou Alexander, Noucha Doina, Peter Gennaro, and scenes from "Henry Sweet Henry" with Don Ameche and Alice Playton. The Cowsills second appearance was on December 24, 1967 where they sang "We Can Fly" (???) and a Christmas song medley. Fellow guests on this show was Bobbie Gentry, Geroge Carlin, Arthur Godfrey & the Muppets, Peter Gennaro, Gilbert Price, and The Little Angels Of Korea. Rumor has it that The Cowsills were scheduled for 5 appearances, but Bud had a run-in with Ed Sullivan's son-in-law, thereby ending the appearances.

  • That "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" (backed with Island Of Dreams) was also recorded by The Springfields (featuring Dusty Springfield)? Yep, it was on the Philips label in 1962. It reached #20 on the Billboard pop charts and #16 on the country charts. It was also recorded by Jody Miller on Capital in 1965 reaching a high of 54 the week of July 24, 1965. (added 12/18/02 --->) Silver Threads was also recorded by Pat Boone and Family on their All In The Boone Family album. (added 07/11/03 --->)Silver Threads was also recorded by Linda Ronstadt and also Jody Miller.(added 07/23/04 --->)Silver Threads was also recorded by many more artists including Hawkshaw Hawkins 1962, Everly Brothers 1963, Tom Tedesco 1964, Johnny Rivers 1965, Glen Garrison 1970, Roy Clark 1971, Janis Joplin 1975, Sandy Denny 1977, Rose Maddox 1980, Wanda Jackson 1985, Ferlin Husky 1991, Brenda Lee 1991, Dolly Parton 1993, Skeeter Davis 1996, We Five 2002, Loretta Lynn/Dolly Parton/Tammy Wynette 1994, Wanda Jackson year unk, Crystal Gayle year unk, Brothers Four year unk, Brenda Lee year unk, Jerry Lee Lewis year unk, Lynn Anderson year unk.

  • That "We Can Fly" was recorded by a group named Loveletter and released in 1997? It was !!(Added 8/1/04 -->)The also did "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things".

  • The drummer on Bob's 'Sing-Along With The Beatles' video is none other than Dan McNamara? The same Dan who saves John when he forget things - like his bass pedal or cymbals.

  • Robby 'Cowsill' Scharf has a Full House connection besides knowing John Stamos? Robby has played on two CD's done by Dave Coulier The Story of the Forest National Anthem and Songs In The Key Of Beaver. Robby was also involved in a post Sept 11 album called United We Stand: Songs For America (Oglio), and has worked with Al Jarreau on two projects Tenderness and Heaven and Earth.

  • The D B Cooper music advertised on eBay as having Cowsill connections doesn't feature any Cowsills. Cowsill friends Robby Scharf (The Cowsills, The Pranks, C & K, Belair Bandits), Bo Fox (The Pranks, Papa Doo), and Randell Kirsch (Belair Bandits, The Pranks, C & K, Papa Doo) play on this however.

  • Bill Cowsill is a guest artist on the Belair Bandits CD 'Baked Goods'? That's what the credits say. Bill played guitar. Also Michael Campion (C & K) plays keyboards as a guest on this one.

  • Nanci Roberts Cowsill has had several actress jobs. She was in North Dallas Forty in 1979 and also on several TV shows. She was on Simon & Simon (1981) playing "Cheerleader" in episode: Fowl Play (episode # 2.9) 12/16/1982 and also on Three's Company (1977) playing "The Hooker" in episode: "Hundred Dollars a What?, A" (episode # 5.3) 11/18/1980.

  • There is a musical group called Cowsill Cult? They are described as "great hyperfast speedy melodic hardcore/pop punk". They had a single called 'Bucky' back in the 1995/96 time frame. Click here to see the picturesleeve of this record.

  • The Santa Monica house we all saw in 16 magazine is no longer standing? It was torn down by the new owners and a new house built back in the same place.

  • The famous tree that John and Barry carved their names in at the Santa Monica house is still there? The tree stands between the sidwalk and street outside the gates of the property. Stop by and visit it sometime!!

  • Barbara suffered with stage fright? The family used to 'bribe' her with the promise of a new dress for every song recorded. Mini Mom, you had nothing to fear. You were awesome!!

  • The Mecca Cafe, where Bill's Co-Dependents Live Recording was recorded, burned to the ground on July 26, 2002? Sadly it did, but Bill was kind enough to headline a benefit for the folks who worked there.

  • There was a toy drum set for The Cowsills? The 1969 Sears catalog advertised for $10.99 a Cowsill Drum set. It was made by the Chein toy company.

  • The Cowsills version of the "Love American Style" theme was only aired for one year? The show premiered on Monday, September 29, 1969, and the last show aired on Friday, January 11, 1974. After the first year, the theme song was sung by The Charles Fox Singers.

  • The song "Hair" has played on The Simpson's? 'The PTA Disbands' was the episode.

  • That Carol Burnett has a music collection that includes Cowsill music? The collection is housed at the UCLA Music Library and includes "We Can Fly".

  • That "Poor Baby" was the first song recorded in stereo? According to Paul, in an old radio interview, that's the case.

  • John caught the bridal garter at Bob's wedding? Tis the case and there was a picture in 16 Magazine to prove it.

  • That Bill was not at Bob's first wedding and that Bob was not a Bill's wedding? Hummmmmmmm

  • The Cowsills sang a song called "Children Go Where I Send Thee"? They sang this as a duet with Johnny Cash on his show on July 5, 1969.

  • The Cowsills were on TV another night the week A Family Thing aired? The TV Guide from that week show that they were on Jonathan Winters on Wednesday, November 27th and they sang "The Cruel War" and "We Can Fly".

  • That The Cowsill song that hit the Billboard charts at the highest position it's first week, was "Indian Lake"? "Indian Lake" made it's debut in the Billboard Top 100 on June 1, 1968 at #79. By contrast, "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" debuted at #90, "We Can Fly" at #81 and "Hair" at #84.

  • That twice The Cowsills had two songs on Billboard's Top 100? On the January 1, 1968 chart "TRTP&OT" was #41 and "We Can Fly" was #81. On June 21, 1969 "Hair" was #23 and "The Prophecy of Daniel and John The Divine" was #85.

  • That "Hair" has several quirks in it's Billboard Charts? First, it was in the bubble (#126 and #122) two weeks before it ever broke the Top 100. Other Cowsill songs were only on the bubble one week. "Hair" was in the Top 10 for 9 weeks. It was in the Top 10 for 8 weeks before dropping to #13, only to return to #6 the next week. "Hair" was also The Cowsill song that dropped the most when leaving the Top 100. It dropped from #23 on the week of June 21, 1968 to being gone on June 28, 1968. Again, by contrast, "Indian Lake" dropped out from the #47 position, "We Can Fly" from the #32 position and "TRTP&OT"'s from the #41 position.

  • One Cowsill song made it onto the Billboard bubble, but never into the Top 100? That would be "Path Of Love". November 9, 1968 it was #132 but never got higher.

  • "The Prophecy of Daniel and John The Divine" was the only Cowsill song to be on Billboard bubble chart on it's way up and also on it's way down? Yep, it was #126 before it broke into the Top 100 and #108 on it's way out.

  • Catherine Cowsill once held Yoga classes at the home of Jerry Brown? Yes, the three-time presidential candidate held yoga and tai chi for the public weekly at his home and Jason's wife, Catherine, taught the yoga.

  • Freddy Weller had a country hit with the song "Indian Lake"? Yep !!

  • The Cowsills are mentioned in a book by Wally Lamb? The book is called She's Come Undone and was featured on Oprah's Book Club on January 22, 1997. (Note: I do NOT recommend this book!!!)

  • Bob's son Jason has a band? Jason was the lead singer for Little Tin Gods rock band.

  • Casey Kasem did a tribute to Barbara? He did this on March 9, 1985.

  • "The Rain Song" has been recorded by three groups? This song, written by Susan Cowsill and Vicki Peterson, has been recorded by the Continental Drifters on Vermilion, The Bangles on Doll Revolution (to be released 3/2/03), and Hootie and The Blowfish.

  • There is a song called The Cowsill Blues? Apparantly so. It was by a group called macrosongs. (???)

  • The Cowsills played at the following universities and colleges in the early days. Princeton University, Brown University, Brown College, Providence College, University of Rhode Island, Bloomberg College, Jersey State College, Bryant College, Salve Regina, Vernon Court Junior College, Paterson College.

  • "All I Want To Be Is Me" beat out Simon and Garfunkel's Sounds Of Silence in a battle of the new record in WPRO in Newport in 1966.

  • Legend says that Bud purchased a second hand (or 67th hand) guitar for Bill and Bob on a trip to Spain for a carton of American cigarettes.

  • Barbara once sat in occasionally with Bill and Bob to play folk music in a group called Family Sing at the Dorian's.

  • Famous guitarist James Burton played on the Cowsills song "Most Of All".

  • Besides the mentioned show above, the Cowsills were also mentioned again on The Simpsons. You can hear someone saying, "Hey, they think they're The Cowsills!".

  • Billy was the subject of an episode called "Had Success But Lost It Carelessly" on Undiscovered County up in Canada in 2003.

  • That "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" did reach #1 in Canada the week of November 13, 1967

  • That the song that kept "TRTP&OT"'s out of #1 in Canada the week before this was "I Can See For Miles" by The Who, and the two weeks after this the song was "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees.

  • That the song that kept "Indian Lake" from being #1 in Canada was "Lady Willpower" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

  • That the song that kept "Hair" from the #1 spot in Canada was "Get Back/Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles.

  • That "We Can Fly" was a bigger hit in Canada than the US? Yep, it was on the charts one week longer and rose to #8 vs #21 in the US

  • The Cowsills received their gold record for "Hair" on April 24, 1969.

  • In addition to item one of this list, the Cowsills have been mentioned several other times on David Letterman? Yep, on April 23, 2002 Paul Shaffer starts playing "Hair" during Rupert's Psychic Sandwich game. Then on February 3, 2004 when raindrops got on the lens of the camera, Paul plays some of "The Rain, The Park". Seems to me, Paul is a Cowsill fan!!

  • That a picture of the Cowsills is part of a collection on Urban history at Temple University.

  • The Cowsills appeared at least three times on The Barbara McNair Show. Other guests on these shows included Ace Trucking Company, Brooke Benton, Dick Shawn, The Cowsills, Marylou Collins, Freda Payne, Dick Shawn, John Rubish

  • The Cowsills appeared at least three times on The Legendary Rockers. Other guests on these shows included Pagliaro, Julie Budd, Freddie Weller, The Grass Roots, The Irish Rovers, Helen Reddy & Kenny Rogers. Songs performed were "Folsom Prison Blues", "I Really Want to Know You", "Two By Two", "Shine On Me", "Puff The Magic Dragon", and "Blowin' In The Wind."

  • The Cowsills toured at one point with Gloria Gaynor? According to the Disco Museum site they did.

  • That Bob, Paul, John and Susan all play golf? Yep !

  • Artie Kornfeld and Steve Duboff also co-wrote a song recorded by a Cowsill wife? That would be 'How Is The Air Up There' recorded by Vicki with the Bangles on their 1982 EP.

  • A Cowsill song is part of a collection of songs to help an organist improve his/her bass clef reading? Yep it's called Easy Does It! Book 3 by Warner Bros. Music and it includes Silver Threads and Golden Needles.

  • Connie Stevens also recorded Most Of All. She recorded this in 1966 as did The Cowsills. Anyone know who recorded it first?

  • That several songs have been written about The Cowsills? How about "Don't Die, Billy" written by Marilynn Manfra or "Weeds" by Jan Arden. Also Dwight Twilley recorded a song "Miranda" in 1999 about Susan's daughter and we hear "Pretty, Damned, Smart" by Peter Holsapple was written about Barry.

  • Barry has been involved with writing a soundtrack for the movie The Path? That's our Barry and the soundtrack not only includes Barry's song "Goin' Home", but it also includes The Cowsills song "Hair"!

  • That it's been said: "Susan Cowsill's voice is truly amazing...so big and beautiful...what a sound...so much soul!" Of course this doesn't surprise us one bit. Good to see the folks at WWOZ agree.

  • That Tommy Roe covered the song "Party Girl"? Tis so. If you want to buy his version, check this out.

  • That The Cowsills comic book was the first of the HARVEY POP series? That's what we hear from this guy who knows tons about comic books!! The second was called Rock Happenings which featured fictional groups.

  • That according to the BMC Caring newsletter that Susan's performance for the Boston Medical Center Elder's Living At Home program in November 2004 raised $5000? Yep, way to go Susan!!

  • That "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" was recorded by a group called The Flowers?

  • There is a third Cowsill/Beach Boy connection? Yep, Paul Cowsill became a Beach Boy, substituting for brother John, for at least one show in November 2005.

  • That "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" was recorded by a group called Rogerio Duprat? 'Tis true. It was on a Brazilian Polydor/Universal 2006 CD reissue.

  • There are more than one cover for six of the Cowsill albums? Yep, that would be Lincoln Park, We Can Fly, Best of, and The Cowsills. Various pics added on: 2/01/07, 1/27/08, 7/04/09, 10/01/09, 4/04/10, 8/8/10 5/1/15




    UK and Germany


    Hong Kong








    Note the name is Indian Lake instead of CS&HSOF




    Bolivia and Argentina




    Hong Kong




    South Africa




    Hong Kong
    Back 1


    Hong Kong
    Back 2







    The back on The Cowsills LP is different if it was sold in the US vs Isreal





  • That in addition to the above reference, The Cowsills were mentioned one other time on the David Letterman show? In a 2004 interview Bob said he remembered watching TV one night and hearing: "And now the man who thought the music business would never be the same since The Cowsills retired, David Letterman."

  • That The Cowsills were the first entertainers ever to perform on The Today Show.

  • That Artie Kornfeld resigned from Mercury Record in protest of Mercury dismissing The Cowsills? Yep, that's what Artie told me in March of 2006.

  • That Barry was once a singing waiter at a restaurant called Hi-Pockets in Hollywood.

  • The first TV show that Billy and Bob were on was in Cleveland, Ohio and was called the Gene Carroll Show.

  • Travis once recorded a song on a CD called Politically Incorrect 1994. The song was called "Dwarf Tossin'".

  • According to a listing on eBay, The Cowsills once considered recording a version of "Trying To Make It Till Monday," a song recorded on Apple Publishing by a group named Grapefruit and probably from a batch of masters cut in late 1967/early 1968 with Terry Melcher (whom of course has many Beach Boy ties).

  • One pressing of the single "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" included a mistake? It did. Some 45's got out with the River Blue label on both sides.

  • That Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone read Billy and Barry's names in the list of "Those We Have Lost" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction '06 in March 2006.

  • That The Cowsills were mentioned on The Larry Sanders Show? Jeffrey Tambor - as Hank Kingsley - spoke the quote. Click here to listen. This was in 1992's Season One - episode "Out of the Loop". Click here to read a transcript of the show.

  • That Howard Stern talked of Barry's passing on his show? He did on this 02/06/06 show.

  • Vanity Fare, a British group, had an album undoubtly a take on the Cowsills "The Rain, The Park and Other Things." The name of the album was The Sun, the Wind, and Other Things.

  • That "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" was a part of a show called Vicki's Valentine Thing. Not sure when this aired but the reference came from the New York Times in an article dated February 6, 1987.

  • That The Cowsills had an unissued record on MGM? According to this MGM history, record E/SE-4575 is listed as "The Cowsills [unissued]". This was after Captain Sad (released in September 1968) and before The Best Of The Cowsills (released in January 1969).

  • The younger Cowsills attend Hollywood Professional School. This school has been torn down, but it was at 5400 Hollywood Blvd on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Serrano Ave. (This is a little over a mile east of the famous Hollywood and Vine intersection.)

  • The Cowsills were a part of a show sent to Vietnam for the troops over the Holiday season in 1967? Yep they were. Check out this video on youtube.com with a 'different' video for TRTP&OT.

  • There is a group called Rock that does Susan's song Wawona Night? You can hear it on their myspace page.

  • Once when I ask John Cowsill if he had recorded with a girls group called Sidesaddle, he answered yes and added " i have this thing for all girl bands. lol ". Besides the obvious Bangles connection, there is more proof of this fact. John recorded on a never released 1983 recording with a group called The Heaters which included Theresa Robertson, Maggie Connell and Missy Connell.

  • That Hair writer James Rado said he liked the Cowsills version of "Hair"? A 2007 interview:

    Jeff Ircink
    I especially like The Cowsills' version of HAIR, especially with that drum pitter-patter in the beginning but I thought it was wonderful.

    James Rado
    Yes I thought so.

  • That The Cowsills were mentioned on Saturday Night Live on November 21, 1992 during the "Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon"? Yep, the segment was as follows:
    The high ratings of the miniseries "The Jacksons" on ABC, and "Sinatra" on CBS, have prompted third-place NBC to announce plans for its own miniseries "The Cowsills".

  • That Tiffany Cowsill was part of the movie Cabin Boy starring David Letterman.

  • That when Christian Love was ask "Who in the beach boys is the funniest (playing jokes, that sort of thing)" he unconditionally answered "John Cowsill"

  • That John is a part of a tribute DVD made by Billy Hinche titled Dennis Wilson - Forever

  • That Susan is a part of a project called Poems For New Orleans honoring her home post Hurricane Katrina.

  • That there is another Cowsill connection to Canadian singer Colin James other than Billy? Well there is. Waddy Watchel - who has long time Cowsill connections - played guitar on Colin's 1995 CD Bad Habits.

  • The Cowsills have an LP that was release only in Italy? Tis true. This album included "Cerco Un Amico" (In Need Of A Friend), "Le Opere Di Bartolomeo", "Vola Con Noi" (We Can Fly), "Mister Flynn", "Yesterday's Girl", "Beautiful Beige", "The Rain, The Park & Other Things", "Grey Sunny Day", "Heaven Held", "A Time For Remebrance", "Gotta Get Away From It All", "What is Happy?"
    Now we've all heard "Le Opere Di Bartolomeo" and "Vola Con Noi," but have you heard "Cerco Un Amico"? Click here to take a listen.

  • That Billy was part of a CMT documentary in 2001? He was and it was called Farm Tracks, A Celebration of Roots Music

  • That on July 30, 2009 The Beach Boys joined The Cowsills on their stage at the RFD-TV theatre in Branson, Missouri and on the following night The Cowsills joined The Beach Boys on their stage at the fair in Springfield, Missouri?

  • That The Cowsills once recorded a promo segment for St. Jude children's Research Hospital? Click here to read/hear more.

  • That The Cowsills sang on a song recorded by Snake? Snake wanted to share with us. Click here to hear more.

  • That as of September 2009, there is a bench in Kings Park, Newport, Rhode Island dedicated to Bill and Barry Cowsill. Thanks to Tim and Jess Bartholomew for all the hard work in getting this done!

  • That John Cowsill appeared as a Ludwig Artist at a signing for the 2010 NAMM Convention. John is also part of the 2010 Vater Drumstick Catalog. And what kind of sticks does John use? NUDE 5A WOOD

  • That at the end of The Beach Boys Dancing With The Stars show that John was spotted pointing at someone? He was and that person he was pointing to was his beautiful wife (per Vicki's tweet).

  • That Ryan Cowsill not only plays keyboards with The Cowsills, but he also plays them for The Cocanuts, a group of musicians who were also baseball buddies back in high school.

  • That a group called Bordersnakes released a 2010 CD including Billy's song "Riding Only Down." The CD is called Brothers and is dedicated to Billy.

  • That while The Blue Shadows had t-shirts with the motto "Low Tech, High Torque," Billy produced a band - called The Burners who had the same Motto? And two members of that group would join Billy later in The Co-Dependents, they being Tim Leacock and Ross Watson. Billy also played percussion and sang on this project.

  • That during those Mercury / Phillips Records years, the Cowsills publishing was held by a group called Alouette. It was when Artie Kornfeld began to produce The Cowsills, that they ask for their publishing back and were given it.

  • The Cowsills backed Kevin Dunn in a true cowboy song in 2010? Click here to take a listen.
    (Note: Billy had worked with Kevin in the past.)

  • John's son is carrying on the tradition with a love for Beatles songs. Will was part of a band who played a talent show at the end of the 2010 school year.

  • "Indian Lake" was released on MGM with two different labels? First the old style black on and then the new blue & gold.



  • Susan's Lighthouse was used as inspiration for art that was then auctioned off as a benefit for The Westerly Land Trust in Westly, Connecticut? Here's the news article

  • The Cowsills were once considered to do acting/music for an Elvis Presley movie? The movie was called Chattauqua. Note: Magazine article to follow

  • John was once a part of a power-pop group Caliber (name later changed to Fast-Forward) in the early 1980's.

  • There is a musical called, Have A Nice Day!, that is a performance by a fictional singing group who sing songs from the 70s to try and save the world from a bummer day. The songs include Cowsill songs!

  • Bob's son, Jason, and his wife are in a group called The Blue Valentines.


  • As of 2011, there are two Cowsill documentaries in process? Yep, the most known is A Family Band, but also in the works is Rhythm From The Rains which chronicles Susan's trip to Rwanda.

  • That Bob Cowsill was a judge in a "I Wanna Be A Rock Star" competition at the Capitol Civic Centre Concert on July 30, 2011. Wonder who will win. (Note: This was posponed to a future date after being advertised.)

  • John joined his beautiful wife Vicki for a show "Vicki Peterson & Friends" on May 30, 2011 at Rhino Pop Up Store . The Newylweds together sang "This One Thing" "Anything" "A Thousand Times"

  • Vicki Peterson Cowsill has written a song inspired by Barry Cowsill called "This One Thing". A show at Four Friends Art Gallery, Thousand Oaks, March 19, 2011, John Cowsill even played the mouth trumpet solo in Barry's honor.

  • That Bob Cowsill co-wrote a Psycho Sisters song with then future sister-in-law Vicki Peterson called "Never, Never Boys"

  • That yet another Cowsill has appeared with The Beach Boys? It sounds like Will Cowsill joined the band playing guitar for one number in New Jersey on August 17, 2011 !! Word has it that his daddy "beamed during this young man's appearance."

  • Vicki Peterson Cowsill wrote a song called "Circles in the Sky" as a birthday present for her sweetie husband. PS John also sings back up on this song on the Bangles new CD due out in September 2011.

  • That John Cowsill threw out the first pitch at a professional baseball game in 2011? He did indeed. Click here for the proof!

  • That according to Al G on Facebook, one of the C's first performances was at a place called McGann's. It was close to the Rotary Club and Barbara worked at McGann's.

  • That when ask what advice he would give a new musician, Bob states: "Well first, get good at what you do. Then once you have something that you're good at, and you want people to hear it, get on the internet and take advantage of all the free ways of marketing yourself, that cost you nothing. You get a YouTube presence, you play, you put it on YouTube. That's number one. I only say that because you can do that immediately, without a record deal, without any help. That gets you out there. And when you go looking for bigger stuff, you're gonna have to be tough, you're gonna hear "a lot, you've gotta hang in."

  • That when ask what advice he would give a new musician, John states: "[laughs] I don't have any advice. I mean, you either do it or you don't do it. You either like it or you don't. I guess, do it for the right reason " because you have to. I could say ", but an aspiring musician's going to be doing that anyway. It's a weird business. I know so many guys better than me, and so many guys better than the other guy, and certain guys who are shitty have got gigs, guys who are great don't. I don't understand the math, actually." Other sources quote John on the same subject: "If you're all into being a player then do it. Whatever kind of music you're into. But I got to say if you really want to have a good shot at working as a pro then you better be striving to be the f***ing best and know your s***. Reach for the educator level. I wish I had done that but I was busy working the 2/4 4/4 circuit." And elsewhere he says: "My advice is put on the headphones, turn up the music, and play with your favorite bands. I do it when I'm home for two hours a day."

  • That there is a Restaurant on Staten Island, New York called The Burrito Bar that has a burrito named after the Cowsills? Yep The burrito is a 12" flour tortilla stuffed with rice, beans, cheese, guac, sour and lettuce along with beef in a red sauce.

  • That the Norton family of Norton Anti-virus bought the property that once held the Cowsills home in Santa Monica? So they say!!

  • That there are at least two labels for Cowsill records with mis-spelling on it? Yep. On one version of "All I Really Want To Be Is Me" Bob's name is spelled Box. And on one version of "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" the Cowsills name is spelled Coswills.


    Box vs Bob


    Coswills vs Cowsills

  • . . . that another misspelling of The Cowsills name was in this magazine pinup from 1969


    Japanese "Music Life" Magazine Mis-spelling Dec 1969

  • That a tribute band was being formed in Nashville in August 2012? It's true. A Craig's List ad was posted looking for a Susan to fill out the band.

  • That Michael Jackson was a Cowsill fan? Yep according to a blog by Andrew Rush (an employee in an Haight Ashbury Record store). Andrew talks on a late night visit from Michael and says " ... I'll just have to get to the memories randomly, as the magic really hasn't had time to coalesce in my mind. He kept singing that line from "The City of New Orleans" by Arlo Guthrie, "Good morning, America, how are you?" He smelled kind of like a Catholic priest. They all were wearing cologne. But Michael had the scent of the super-rich, reclusive count. We played one of his favorite songs for him at his friend's request: "Lightning Strikes" by Lou Christie. We didn't have any records by the band that does his favorite song, The Cowsills. He asked for Free Design but we didn't have it. He also wanted 101 Strings. He bought a lot of Harry Belafonte, Sarah Vaughan, Shirley Temple, boys' choirs, Disney stuff, and a lot of 60's pop. . . . "

  • The real story about the name of the song "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things"? Artie Kornfield says: "I was about a week from releasing the Cowsills. 'The Rain The Park' was going to be the B side and 'Come Around Here', the Mowtown classic was to be the A side. MGM President Mort Nassiter asked me to come to a meeting about the release. They told me that because I wrote 'TheFlower Girl' I was not secure in going with it. They had tested it out at radio and it way outperformed the Motown. Then, out of nowhere the Pres said "Artie, because Scott McKensie has a hit with 'If Your Going to SF wear flowers in your hair', we need a title in the next hour so we can start pressing the record. Out of nowhere, but somewhere spiritual inside me, I say for some reason "Let's call it 'The Rain The Park and Other Things.' Why, I have no idea but over the years of hearing it on the radio I realized it was a prediction of Woodstock, yet to be thought of, and the loss of my Wife and Child. "Suddenly the sun broke through and all I had left was one little flower my hand." Little did I know that the little flower would be famous as I caressed it in the Movie interview. When you least expect it from me, expect it."

  • Speaking of "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things", it was recorded at 799 7th Avenue Studio A1, a Columbia studio.

    799 7th Ave


    799 7th Ave

  • That Paul has been a greensman on such projects as the movies in the Twilight series and the 2013 TV series Grimm

  • That The Cowsills were part of the premier of this season's Mad Men on 4/17/13? Yep, take a look.

  • That you can buy yourself the drum head art of the Cowsills logo? Yep, check it out.

  • Cowsills

  • According to Bill Mount of Drumcircle LLC, a marketing consultant, The Cowsills "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" was used in Claritin/Vioxx commercials.

  • That one of the first - if not THE first - management companies for The Cowsills was Juci Management Corp in New York City? Located at 1631 Broadway in New York City.

  • That The Cowsills song "Love American Style" won an Emmy? Yep. Although The Cowsills version only aired the '69-'70 season, Emmys were won for that season as it was with other seasons. Check it out!

  • That The Beach Boys have incorporated video of John drumming on the Ed Sullivan show into the video board that plays during the song "Wild Honey"? Yep. Here's an example. Check out about the 3:00 mark.

  • That Susan once had a chance in be in the all girl rock band, The Runaways? After Kim Fowley's death on 1/15/15, Susan posted the following:
    Kim Fowley called me at 4:00 in the morning back when I was sixteen years old.. Woke up my then boyfriend who was a business associate of Kim's who passed the phone to me.. " hey susan.. How would you like to be the first female jail bait Mick Jagger?"... I put my hand over the mouth piece.. ( it was 1974/75)..." It's kim and he scares me and I don't want to be his jail bait Mick Jagger, is that ok?".... I told him thank you very much but I don't think I'm your girl.,, he told me he wanted to give me first grab at making history with him and I would live to regret my answer ... The next year Kim debut his " Jail bait all girl rock band the Runaways... And the rest.. As he said it would be.. Is history! Rest in sweet peace old friend! I'll see you on the other side and maybe I'll reconsider your offer in the next life!

  • That according to this message board post, "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" was used in a Best Buy commercial? So it says.

  • "Most of All" was the 'demo' taken for Mercury Records and "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" the 'demo' for MGM Records. That's what Bob says in a youtube interview. I think we all knew about TRTP&OT, as Bob had stated many times that they had to go back into the studio and add Barbara's voice to that song before release.

  • "Indian Lake" was used in a Dodge Charger commercial? That's what Wikipedia says. Well at least it was "acquired for use."

  • . . . that there are numerous famous folks who love the Cowsills? We all remember Michael J. Fox on Arsenio, but in a youtube interview from the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois, the Cowsills themselves tell us of love being given to them by the likes of Joe Pesci, Whitesnake, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nanci Griffin, Howard Stern, the Ramones, and the Smithereens to name a few.

  • . . . that there are numerous famous folks who love the Cowsills? We all remember Michael J. Fox on Arsenio, but in a youtube interview from the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois, the Cowsills themselves tell us of love being given to them by the likes of Joe Pesci, Whitesnake, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nanci Griffin, Howard Stern, the Ramones, and the Smithereens to name a few.

  • . . . that Bob Cowsill has a wonderful sense of humor? OK, that's not such a secret, but here's an example. As part of his intro comments as a guest at Joe Silva's "All For One" concert (on youtube) at the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Providence, RI, Bob talks about going to see Paul McCartney's show at the Hollywood Bowl. Bob says "I can out-do him (McCartney) tonight. I can do in 15 minutes what he couldn't do in three hours. I can sing all my hits."  Good one Bob (but I think there were more than three hits.)

  • . . . that John has played with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chuck Berry? Yep, in fact he's done that twice.

  • . . . that Susan was the first - and as of 2015, the only - woman to play on the Happy Together Tour.

  • . . . that a group The Electric Jackie & Roy had an album cover (in January 1969) that took after a cover from The Cowsills (1967)? Yep. Take a look.


    The Electric Jackie & Roy


    The Cowsills

  • . . . that the last song Billy wrote before his death was called "Foot On The Throne" and recorded on Ralph Boyd Johnson's CD 1723 9th Street SW.

  • . . . that Billy was an inspiration to singer/songwriter/engineer T. Buckley? Album notes state in part ... "though inspiration has come as much or more from the works of John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett or Billy Cowsill as it has from his personal background."

  • . . . that back in the day, in Bradford, Pennsylvania, there was a Girl Scout Troop with a Patrol names Cowsills. Yep!

  • . . . that in 1972 in Carroll, Iowa, a group of students chose "The Fantasy World of Harry Faversham" as the inspiration for their puppet show for their Drama class. It did happen. Cindy Baumhover, Emily Meiners, Margie Stork, Mark Vonnahme and Rae Jean Westendorf made the melodrama come to life.

  • . . . that Bill wrote many songs we've never heard? Well I don't think we're too surprised to hear that statement. Some of those I've never heard are: "Call On" copyrighted 9/25/1970 Wren Music Co, Inc. EU206695, "Hard Rock Baby" copyrighted 10/9/1970 Wren Music Co, Inc EU209012, "Nobody" copyrighted 8/4/1970 EUI98833, and "In Between" (cowritten with Shannon O'Neill) which was recorded by a Band called Lumbee.

  • . . . that Bill and Barry recorded on a record called Blue Mountain Skies by Terilyn Ryan up in Vancouver? Yep Billy was the producer along with doing vocals and guitar work. Barry added bass and vocals.


    Terilyn Ryan

  • . . . that The Cowsills and Twice Nicely have several things in common. We all know this band was headed by Waddy Watchel and came to LA with the Cowsills, but look at this record. They also recorded "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" and the song "Killed In Velvet." The Cowsills played "Killed In Velvet" in some concerts back in 1970 (they did at the Manhattan, KS, concert) but never recorded it to the best of my knowledge.


    Twice Nicely

  • . . . that on the 2016 Concerts At Sea cruise, The Cowsills won the Family Feud game. Shows they think like the majority of us along with their talent. Also Paul was a judge for the cruises version of Caribbean Idol.

  • . . . Susan posted in February 2016 that she had finished recording at House Of Vibes Recording Studio in Trenton, New Jersey, an album with Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and the Raiders fame) and Kurt Reil (The Grip Weeds).

  • . . . John was on 60 Minutes in 2012? In Australia, 60 Minutes in a feature on the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary and there was drummer John.

  • . . . that according to Stars Bonding to Back Nixon Drive by Eliot Tiegel, in 1972 Mike Curb organized one of a few Rock-oriented benefit concerts for Richard Nixon featuring the likes of the Cowsills. (Note: Somehow I personally doubt this as the Cowsills had been dropped by MGM and Mike Curb specifically was anti-Cowsill at this point)

  • . . . that Deluxe Rocket Urns lists Billy and Barry's urns and the following descriptions.


    Barry Cowsill, Deceased, 2005 Vintage thermos on hot plate stand, personal glasses and artifacts


    Billy Cowsill, Deceased, 2006 Vintage thermos on metal base, turquoise buckle, personal artifacts, and his brother Barry's hand written lyrics about Billy

  • . . . that "Hair" was played on The Ellen Show on March 15, 2017? Yep, a little boy with long hair whose video has gone viral was a guest. As he and his mother walked on stage, "Hair" was played.

  • . . . that "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" was the finale song for a modern dance program on March 27, 1969 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin? True. The song also inspired the name of the program itself. It was called "The Rain, the Park and Other Sings."

  • . . . that Cowsill pinups were part of an exhibition at the Woodstock museum? Yep. Debbie S. took the following photos as proof in May 2017.



  • . . . that Cowsills version of "Hair" inspired a children's book? It did. Bumpa and the Piggies: Wonderful Hair was indeed inspired by "Hair."

  • . . . that Cowsill gold records for "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" and "Hair" were a part of David Gest music memoribilia collection? True. These two records were part of the collection sold on ebay June 18, 2017. David Gest died in 2016 and was an entertainer, comedian, and producer. He was most known by me as being associated with Michael Jackson and being married to Liza Minnelli. The Rain, The Park and Other Things gold record sold for $700 (plus 30% commission and shipping). The Hair record didn't sell this round.

  • . . . that as part of the 2017 Happy Together Tour rider, the Cowsills requested Blue Diamond Nut-Thins? Yep the Indystar reported this.

  • . . . that there was an instrumental only version of "The Rain, the Park and Other Things"? Seems tis true. It was released on Bell Records in 1967. It was also produced by Artie Kornfeld and Jimmy Wisner.

  • . . . that the floral airplane emblazed with We Can Fly in the above photo was given to the C's by the Ed Sullivan show and presented to them at JFK as they embarked for Europe in 1968 ? Yep according to a Cashbox Magazine article.

  • . . . that on February 26, 1968, the Cowsills opened the Today show and closed the Tonight show on the same date.

  • . . . that The Cowsills (along with Tom Jones, CCR, Led Zeppelin and Mama Cass) were a part of a promotion set up with 7UP? According to Cashbox Magazine (4/25/70) that was the case.

  • . . . that The Cowsills "In Need Of A Friend" was the first record printed to use a new technology (at the time) called Sound Saturation? Yep. Sound Saturation is described as "Saturation Sound is the latest technological improvement bridging the gap between mono equipment still in use and the dominance of stereo recording, label reports. As demonstrated and explained by MGM Records President Mort L. Nasatir, a Saturation Sound record gives maximum results when played on either a mono or a stereo phonograph."

  • . . . that John was a judge at the annual Malibu (CA) Middle and High School Singing Competition held 1/24/2018? That he was. Another judge was John's friend Craig Shoemaker.

  • . . . that according to Minon trivia, "The song "Hair" by The Cowsills is sung in Minionese by Stuart, to hypnotize the guards with his hypno hat."? Tis true according to imdb.com

  • . . . that The Cowsills had a company called "Playtime" which they built a campground under? Yep, according to a North Kingston, Rhode Island newspaper article from 5/6/1971.

  • . . . that according to a 6/8/18 interview with Bob, there was a guy (helicopter) shot down in Vietnam and he had a cassette player taped to his thigh. He woke up in the jungle to "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things" playing. How powerful is that?!!

  • . . . The Cowsills were the #1 Combined Vocal Group for 1968 in the Lyndon State College WBARP Awards? Click here to see.

  • . . . that Cowsill music is being used across the ocean in both directions? Yep. Cowsill music was part of a July 2018 '60s Review in Queensland, Australia and also played by a Scotland funky rock band named Soup Dragons!

  • . . . that in October 2018 there's another Cowsill/Partridge Family type TV show in the works? According to this Hollywood Reporter article dated 10/5/2018, FOX is working on a new TV show to be called An American Band described as the "discordant adventures of the Wyldes, a diverse and dysfunctional Northern California family that can't get a single thing right with each other, except for the music they've been making for the past 25 years as a multigenerational family band. " Sound familiar? I think so.

  • . . . that John and Barry once read for a part in the John Wayne movie, "The Cowboys"? According to a Dayton, Ohio columnist that was the case in 1971.

  • . . . that the Cowsills were mentioned on the Today Show by Katie Couric? Yep. In a tease for an upcoming segment, Bryant Gumble said, ". . . we'll be taking a look at the burgeoning rock album cover art market." To this Katie replied, "Do you mean it's good that I saved my old Cowsills albums?"

  • . . . that once Barbara was ask what the most exciting moment of her career was and she answered that it was meeting Frank Sinatra. Pretty cool !!

  • . . . that The Cowsills were the ones to induct Artie Kornfeld into the Long Island (New York) Music Hall of Fame. Newsday printed the facts.

  • . . . that Paul Cowsill is seen in the locker room scene of Dwight Twilley video for the song "Girls" There he is, in towel and all.

  • . . . that A Family Thing was shot at Stage 1, NBC Studios - 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California? It was and other shows shot there include Days of Our Lives, Sanford and Son, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Card Sharks to name a few.

  • . . . that this was Billy's favorite picture of himself? That's what a Calgary Herald article says.

  • . . . that the Cowsills were mentioned in a Saturday Night Live skit? They were. It was in a skit titled "Lorne (Michaels) Begs The Beatles" that aired on September 24, 1977.

  • . . . that a couple of the very first songs recorded by The Cowsills were "Either You Do Or You Don't" and "You Can't Go Halfway"? According to johnnynash.com: "In 1965, Johnny Nash and Danny Sims formed the JAD label in New York. One of the more interesting signings was four brothers from Newport, Rhode Island, ages 9, 11, 15 and 16, called The Cowsills, before signing with Mercury/Philips with Shelby Singleton, before MGM and their first million selling hit single, "The Rain, The Park & Other Things". The Cowsills went into the studio in New York with studio musicians and recorded a number of songs like "Either You Do Or You Don't" and "You Can't Go Halfway". Eventually The Cowsills would write and record their own song, "All I Really Wanta Be Is Me" which became the group's debut single release on JODA (J-103)."

  • . . . that MGM put out a mistakenly labeled LP involving The Cowsills and Hank Williams? They did. The LP has a The Very Best of Hank Williams label on one side and a Best of The Cowsills on the other. Click here to see for yourself.

  • . . . that the Cowsills were mentioned on the TV show Seinfeld? Yep. In the premier of Season 2, Elaine was trying to be inconspicuous while eavesdropping on Jerry. She was wearing a floppy hat and would complaining about it. She said she looks like one of the Cowsills. Source: Seinfeld Seasons 1 & 2: Notes about "Nothing " "The Statue" (DVD)

  • . . . that the Cowsills' "Hair" was used in a John Edwards policical video? It appears true. According to a cnn.com article, "To the music of "Hair" by The Cowsills (yes, we looked that up), Edwards' video showed images of Alberto Gonzales, President Bush on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln under the "Mission Accomplished" banner, Hurricane Katrina, and violent images from Iraq. The video then fades to the words, "What really matters? You choose.""

  • . . . that Paul Cowsill once appeared in a video for the band Souvenir Driver? Catch those signature Paul dance moves here.

  • . . . that the Cowsill family was featured twice on "To Tell The Truth"? Apparently so. Of course we all know about Barbara's appearance, but it appears that Karen Cowsill was also the subject of one game. Jessica Harper was one of those chosen to impersonate Karen. Jessica writes:

    Then, one day, a young man approached me on the street and asked me if I would like to be on television. I said I would. He was scouting for non-actors to appear in a popular game show at the time called "To Tell the Truth."f He gave me the casting director's business card, and I called that afternoon. The show had four regular celebrity panelists and a lively host called Bud Collyer. Each show also had three guests, including one who was almost famous and two imposters pretending to be the famous one.

    The panelists would ask the guests questions in order to figure out which one was the real deal and who was the phonies. I was hired to pretend that I was the wife of Bill Cowsill, one of the members of a family singing group at the time called The Cowsills. I saw a recording of that show recently. The real Karen Cowsill and the other fake were blonde, perky queen bee types. I was all dark haired, shy, nervous, and answering the panelists' questions with a brief negative. So, for example, "Do you have any plans to join the singing group?" "No." Or, "Do you know who BJ Bjorkman is?" "No." And so on.

    I would never have voted for me, but 25% of the audience did, and so did one panelist, Dorothy Kilgallen. So I won $100. I had made more money in 30 minutes pretending to be Karen Cowsill than I did in a month pretending to be a skilled secretary. As I got up to leave, one of the panelists, Bert Convy, came over to me and said, "You know, you should be an actress." My inner self-denigration apparatus went into high gear, but still, I felt a little zing. Really? So I was gonna be a supermodel and a movie star.

  • . . . that the Cowsills were a part of a tribute album to Mr. Rogers? They sing "Won't You Be My Neighbor." Other artists include Jaci Velasquez, Jim Brickman, Jon Secada, Kellie Pickler, Lee Greenwood, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr., Micky Dolenz, Rita Wilson, Sandi Patty, Tom Bergeron and Vanessa Williams. It was released Oct. 18, 2019 in conjunction with the movie about Mr. Rogers starring Tom Hanks.

  • . . . The Cowsills had their stage costumes done by costume designer Gene Ashman while working for Lenny's Boot Parler on 1448 Gower Street in Hollywood? According to historians on the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page, that is correct.

  • . . . that Bob and Paul were interviewed as part of a documentary about sound engineer Bill Hanley? The documentary is called The Last Seat In The House.

  • . . . that The Cowsills will open for both Mike Love and Brian Wilson's versions of The Beach Boys in 2020? The Cowsill will open for Brian Wilson (where video shows the C's did backing vocals also during BW's set along with their own set) on January 17, 2020 in Miami, Florida, and for Mike Love at the LA County Fair on September 11, 2020.

  • . . . that Billy once was a member of Gary Lewis and the Playboys? According to an interview with Gary Lewis in October 2019, "I knew Cowsill because he'd been a Playboy," Lewis says. "I believe it was in '69. We were going over to Hawaii and playing for eight days, and I needed a guitar player, so I just asked him. I had no idea Gordon wanted him in the band. So when he mentioned him, I said, 'Yeah. Yeah. He's pretty good.' "

  • . . . that Cowsill music was part of a lawsuit against Pandora in 2014 for improper use? It seems "The Rain, The Park and Other Things," "Hair" and "We Can Fly" were per this law suit.

  • . . . that John Cowsill worked with the company HeadLIGHTS to design the drumhead art for the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour? Tis a fact.

  • . . . that there was a Ludwig set of drums for the 1970s described as "Cowsill Swirl"? Tis so according to this site.

  • . . . that were mentioned twice in a House of Representatives hearing in 2001? Hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology and Procurement Policy of the Committee on Government Reform House of Representative One hundred Seventh Congress First Session May 22, 2001 reads as follows:

    Page 45:
    Mr. Kelman (Note: He was a professor of public management at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University). Congressman Schrock, this trivia contest was - the students had a great time; Chairman Davis and I had a great time, a good bipartisan team, and just to repeat a point he made, we did emerge victorious from this contest.

    But Mr. Chairman, I just wanted to share with you, I was listening a few nights ago to "The Top Ten at 10:00" on the oldies station in Boston. It was the top 10 last week in 1969. And I remember you asked a question, which of course the students flubbed, about who did the title song from the musical "Hair," which of course was - - - -

    Mr. Thomas M. Davis of Virginia. The Cowsills.

    Mr. Kelman. The Cowsills, of course

    Now here's the interesting thing: This week in 1969, that was No. 2. Do you know what was No. 1 that week? Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius. So two songs from "Hair" were one and two that week in 1969.

    Page 95:
    Mr. Thomas M. Davis of Virginia. My last question, and it's kind of to everybody, and I'll start with you, Dr. Kelman. This has just gotten me for years. The thing I like about share-in-savings and performance-based contracts is you allow the companies to run it the way they want to run it. In so many government contracts you've got auditors over telling what's G&A and what's overhead. Sometimes what the government may feel are appropriate incentives, the private sector has long since moved beyond.

    I'll just give an example. In one company I worked with we had a great Christmas party every year. We had the Beach Boys 1 year. I'll never forget the - - - -

    Mr. Wagner (Note: Mr. Wagner was the Director of Federal Government Affairs). The Cowsills

    Mr. Thomas M. Davis of Virginia. We never got the Cowsills. But we got a lot of the groups. We had the Shirelles. I can go through it. They had the Four Tops a couple of times.

  • . . . that Billy Cowsill did the vocals on a song called "Twenty Years Ago Today" - a tribute to John Lennon - written by Leon Portelance? You can hear it here and here.

  • . . . that at the Golden Nugget show in Las Vegas on January 24, 2020, the Cowsills joked about their childhood nicknames for each other? They did, but seemed to leave out Susan. Here are what they said: Bill - Bill The Pill; Bob - Boring Bob; Paul - Loose Leaf (and Barbara called him "Nine Miles of Bad Road"); Barry - Bazel; John - Sing (because he looked Chinese per Susan)

  • . . . that there is a a cocktail that is Cowsill related? According to a Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania newspaper at Park Bruges in Highland Park you can get a "Rain in the Park." It includes: 1 1/2 oz. Boyd & Blair vodka; 1/2 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur; and 1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice, topped with Prosecco (a sweet, Italian sparkling wine made primarily from Glera, or "prosecco," grapes).

  • . . . that Billy's band The Blue Shadows was named for Roy Rogers & The Sons Of The Pioneer's song "Blue Shadows On The Trail"? According to Austin's 3rd Coast Music newapaper dated July 1, 2010 that's the case.

  • . . . that The Cowsills are mentioned on the back of Gary Puckett and The Union Gap's Greatest Hits album? Mark R. found this and here's the proof.

  • . . . that Susan and Bob both did COVID-19 concerts? Susan did one from her front porch on April 22, 2020. And Bob was part of the All Together Now benefit in LA on April 25, 2020 where he sang a new song "Lend A Hand".

    April 22, 2020


    April 25, 2020

  • . . . that the following is the dialogue from the "Evening Shade" sitcom that mentioned The Cowsills? We knew before that it aired March 23, 1992, but now we know the episode was #43 and called "Callous Hearts of Rage." The dialoge was between Herman Stiles (Michael Jeter) and Wood Newton (Burt Reynolds) at Blues BBQ.
    HS: Coach. They showed a clip on TV of that Nirvana concert you went to. You know those boys were really rockin'.
    WN: Herman stop it !!
    HS: Don't get me wrong. They're not the Cowsills by ANY means.
    WN: The music today. They just don't have any good music.

  • . . . that John can tap dance? Check it out on the video for "When I See You Again."

  • . . . that The Cowsills' "Indian Lake" was a part of the 'Summer Vacation' episode of F is for Family which aired November 30, 2018 and "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" could be heard on episode #1.5 of Cannonball which aired September 30, 2017? IMDB has these listed.

  • . . . that The Cowsills were honored at the Rhode Island State Assembly? They were. In a a resolution introduced May 21, 2013 by Representatives Mattiello and Newberry - that was read and passed - you will read the following:
    1-1 WHEREAS, It has been made known to the House that certain persons and organizations
    1-2 are deserving of commendation; and
    . . .
    2-31 The Cowsills; the distinguished honor of being inducted into the Rhode Island Music
    2-32 Hall of Fame Class of 2013;

  • . . . that The Cowsills had a fan in Kurt Cobain? Seems like it. In a 2002 review of Kurt's book "Journals," it talks of a mixed tape that Kurt made which included the Cowsills' "Hair".

  • . . . that there is a studio drummer who has played for the likes of Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Joey Ramone and The Beastie Boys who got his start on the Cowsills toy drum set? Tis true according to the bio of Ken Serio.

  • . . . that The Cowsills were banned by the Ministries of Labour and Education in England from appearing on TV in 1968? According to Disc magazine (January 20, 1968) that was the case.

  • . . . that The Cowsills song "Hair" is the inspiration for a book? Bumpa and The Piggies Wonderful Hair is based on the lyrics of the song.


  • . . . that The Cowsills are mentioned in the Kansas Music Hall of Fame? Seems to be so. When Jim Reardon was inducted in 2018, he was credited with bringing acts, such as The Cowsills, to Kansas cities.

  • . . . that The Cowsills loaned their Hofner bass to Alice Cooper's band on the album Easy Action? According to an article in February 2020's issues of Classic Rock magazine, Dennis Dunaway played in on "Return Of The Spiders" at least.

  • . . . there was a pressing of Indian Lake and Newspaper Blanket on the Philips label? It happened - at least in Australia. Here it is.

  • . . . that the Cowsills have been photographed by several famous photographers? Among those photographers are Doris Nieh and Henry Diltz. Doris was known to photograph the likes of Clint Eastwood and Marlon Brando, while Henry photographed all the rock greats of our time.

  • . . . that Greg Gumble mentioned The Cowsills during the halftime show of the Villanove/North Texas game on TNT March 21, 2021? Yep. Three commentators are standing behind some dancing robots and danced along with them. It then cuts to Greg at the desk and he says, "It's like working with The Cowsills. Are you all happy now?"

  • . . . that Bob was on the 1962 Rhode Island Little League champs team? Yep. He played some third base and center field. He said he could hit is why they played him, but he was lousy at center field.

  • . . . that when The Cowsills sang the National Anthem at the League Series game on October 9, 2004 that Bob scooped up some dirt from home plate at Fenwick Park and stuck it in his pocket? Bob owns up to that in an interview on the Reach Out with Ray and Steve show.

  • . . . that John and Paul were roadies for the band Bonaroo? Yep according to John during his Cowsills podcast. (Per Wikipedia Bonaroo ran 1974-1975 and included Bobby Winkelman, guitar, vocal and songwriter; Bill Cuomo, keyboards, vocal; Michael Hossack, drums; Robert Lichtig, bass, vocal; and Jerry Weems, guitar, vocal.)

  • . . . that in the same podcast John talked of his contribution to Bridey Murphy? John says in the end he only contributed vocals as Waddy and Bill didn't like his drumming.

  • . . . that at the end of "A Differnt World" from the Action Skulls, there is a bit of a nod to the Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby"? John agreed that was true to Paul's pick up of that.

  • . . . that Mike Myers once described himself as "pre-VCR, post Cowsills. That's where I fit in."? He did. I was printed in The Miami (FL) Herald on February 12, 1992.

  • . . . . . . that the Cowsill kids would play jokes on poor, unsuspecting hotel workers back in the day? Appears so. In a recent podcast they told the story of one time taking all the sheets and blankets off the beds and making what would appear to be weird religious altars around the room. They dressed up to look like high priests praying at these altars. Only Susan was left to dress and act normal (except she put two tooth brushes in her nose). Then they called room service and ordered a big meal. When the server came in, they kept on with their "praying" while the gentleman tried to set up the table and get the plates arranged. Susan continued to act normal as any guest would, but Bob said it was so hard not to crack up, which they did the second the guy left the room. The big brothers were proud of little sisters' performance.

  • . . . . . . that during the Cocaine Drain sessions, the order of recording was done a little different. It started with the drums, and the rest of the instrumentation added on. That's per John during a June 2021 interview.

  • . . . . . . that they had Bill wear fake teeth to cover up the gap in his teeth during A Family Thing, that Susan was once ask to be a Junior Gold Digger on the Dean Martin Show (and she was appalled when she learned that wasn't a dancer job), and that Susan Cowsill is the last star from the '60s to turn 60? For sure. These are some facts the Cowsills themselves brought up during their podcast.

  • . . . . . . that the photos used in the milk billboards and phamphlet shots were actually photographed with the C's on large letters? No photoshopping here. Bill and Barry really did climb that M and K.

    Milk 1

    Stella D. owns this Milk Billboard

  • . . . . . . that John and Vicki are working on a project that John called the "Dead Brothers Songs"? John stated so in Episode 17 of the Cowsills podcast. They are recording songs written by Bill and Barry. Chances of hearing this project? Probably not.

  • . . . . . . that the photos on the In Concert cover were NOT taken at the concert recorded for the album? On the C's podcast (that aired August 18, 2021) Bob said those photos were shot at the Troubadour in Hollywood in a photo shoot done just for this album cover. The clothes were made by none other than Genie The Taylor.

  • . . . . . . that there is a song called "Breaking Up With the Cowsills" by the Jumping Bomb Girls? There is. Listen Here.

  • . . . . . . that Billy Hinche heard the Cowsills mentioned while seeing the play Hair? On his podcast he said he went to see Hair at the Aquarious in Los Angeles, and when the play came to the point of leading into the song "Hair", the lead singer yelled "Let's hear it for the Cowsills!"

  • . . . . . . that at the end of Billy Hinche's Livestream on August 21, 2021 he sang two Cowsill songs? He sang "Indian Lake" and "The Rain, The Park and Other Things".

  • . . . . . . that Paul was there at the opening of the Sydney Opera House in Australia in 1973? On the Cowsill podcast that aired September 1, 2021, Paul talks of being there (as road manager with Helen Reddy). He adds he was stopped because he didn't have a tie on. So they went to a server and cut the ties on their apron and made Paul a tie to wear.

  • . . . . . . that the long rumored connection between Bud and a mob boss was true? The C's confirmed during their podcast that Bud and Barbara were known to meet up with Raymond Patriarca (crime boss) at Jilly's in NYC. (Frank Sinatra was known to have his own booth at Jilly's.) Jilly's was at 256 W. 52nd Street.


    Jilly's ashtray and building today


    Jilly's Location

  • . . . . . . that Bob has recorded three songs written by Dr. Charles Steinberg? We all remember Charles from the Boston Red Sox organization. He was responsible for getting several individual Cowsills (as well as the group) to sing the national anthem at Sox games. Also now he has written some songs that Bob has recorded. "Woo Sox '21," "Seven Hills" and "Home of the Game" can all heard playing at Worcester Red Sox home games.

  • . . . . . . that the Cowsills have been approached to do a limited series about their lives? Joel Kastelberg has contacted them per their 10/27/21 podcast. Fingers crossed.

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