Cowsill Homes

The Cowsill family lived in many houses as the children grew. Here are photos of a few of those.

The most famous of the homes are probably these first three.


Halidon Hall

888 8th Ave, New York City

1837 La Mesa Drive, Santa Monica, California
This article describes this house a little more.
Also this magazine article shares more photos.

Oh, but there were others !!

The house Dan visited
(we think the Indian Ave house)
right on the ocean
Photo: Dan Fitzgerald

The famous Alligator Rock
at this house
Photo: Dan Fitzgerald

Indian Avenue house in 1998
611 Buena Vista Ave.

Forest Avenue - Middletown, Rhode Island

3rd Street - Newport, Rhode Island
I believe this was one of their first homes.

Billy's house in Calgary
1723 9th St SW
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