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At Home With The Cowsills
June 1970
For Teens Only Magazine




THE singing Cowsill family spends a lot of time at television studios filming guest apperances, at recording studios making hit records, at concert halls, fairs, stadiums and theaters doing personal appearances. You'd think it would be impossible for them to spend any time at all at home.

But they do. At least, they spend enough time there to call it home.

The Cowsills live in Santa Monica, California, in a big rambling house that has touches of Spanish and Moorish architecture to it. The Cowsills need a lot of room to move around Ė they really feel closed in when any individual member is unable to find a little corner where he or she could be alone. (When the family was living in New York City, they had one big apartment to begin with. But Bill, who was still a bachelor, and Bob needed more room. So Bud Cowsill finally had to rent another apartment just for them!) This kind of thing just doesnít have to happen when you start out with a house as big as The Cowsills have.

One of the favorite features of the house is the big pool in back. All the Cowsills were raised for a good part of their lives in cold Rhode Island. The only time a person dared go swimming was in the heat of summer. But in California, Susie and the boyscan jump in any day the temperatureís warm enough, no matter what the season is. Itís not unusual, in fact, for Barry and John to take a dip when they come home from school Ö which just goes to show that The Cowsill home has practically turned them into fish!

Thereís also a basketball court in the back of the house. And that, like the pool, gets a lot of use. Itís a good and safe bet that if the airís too cool to swim after school or on weekends, the boys will play basketball instead.

Once inside the house, variety is the order of the day. Each Cowsill has a particular spot to go to sleep, to think, to dream, to read, to compose, to do anything that needs to be done in private. And each spot is decorated according to that particular Cowsillís taste.

The kitchen, though, is common meeting ground Ė and itís a big one. (It better be, to feed that hungry bunch!) One of the things The Cowsills always try to do is have dinner together. That way, they can talk over any problems, any business, or just enjoy being together.

Thereís one more thing thatís important about The Cowsill home Ė and thatís that itís filled with love. (Isnít that the best furnishings?)

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