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At Last! Big Cowsill Mystery Solved!
June 1968
Fifteen Magazine

Note: This article uses 'creatitive' spelling and has a few facts wrong.

Solved! The Mystery Of The Century! Here's all the skewp about that doll of dolls, Dick Cowsill, and the real reason why he doesn't appear on stage with his family!

Last month, right here on these vary pages of your fave FIFTEEN, we brought to light the mystery of the century concerning the Cowsills! The questions we asked was, how come the groove of the group, the doll to end all dolls, the doll you never see, how come this gorgeous hunk of handsome is pushed aside by cameramen whenever pix are taken? How come this dreem to end all dreems doesn't sing with the other members of his family? How come this snuggable, kissable, droolable DOLL doesn't get in any of the publicity?

We were talking, of course, about Richard "Dick" Cowsill, the mysterious Cowsill you never see! In fact, if we hadn't run across a few pix of this groove to end all grooves, we never would even have known he exists!

But as your fave FIFTEEN promised last month, here's the complete skewp about this DREEMBOAT. Dick met FIFTEEN'S faithful reporter at a secret restaurant in New York City, and he proceeded to divulge a great deal of information. First of all, he's much taller than you'd imagine. (In fact, next to John, who's older, Dick is the tallest member of the family!) He's also more handsome than we've even described, and if you could see him in person, you'd absotively melt into your shoes and float away! Only one word describes that face: SUPERDOLL! And those muscles and that beautiful voice! It's enough to send your heart straight on a one-way trip to flipsville!

But here's the sad and terrible part. Dick doesn't want to be a performer! He wants to spend his life doing other things. He helps his family out, gladly, as stage manager and scenery mover and sometimes as truck-driver (he's only 16, remember). Now, particulary, since brother Paul has joined the group as a singer (Paul used to do all the driving and helped Dick backstage) there's plenty of work for Dick to do.

We asked Dick (he hates to be called Richard) (but many people still call him that) why he doesn't get some training as a singer. (He has a beautiful voice that makes you think angels are in the room.) But once again, Dick just smiled that shy smile of his and replied that he doesn't want to be an entertainer. When we told him that a secret informant had advised us that he luvs to entertain, that smile turned on again, and in that soft angel voice of his, Dick simply replied, "But I don't."

And so there you have it, luv. The answers to the mystery surrounding the "forgotten" Cowsill. We're sorry Dick feels the way he does, and maybe someone will be able to convince him to change his mind some day (just like they convinced Paul). If you would like to be the one to do just that, and receive credit for bringing this fabulous doll out into the open, pleez send us the coupon printed here. We'll show it to Dick and tell him it comes from someone who has his best interests at heart. Hoo knows? Maybe you'll be able to say just the right words, and do something nobody else has ever been able to do up to now!

The Cowsills want to take U along with them as their guest on tour! Don't miss next month's issue of your fave FIFTEEN for anything] It's on sale May 15th, and costs only a teen li'I quarter!

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Dear Dick,
I think you're a real doll, and I wish you'd change your mind about becoming a performer with your fab family. Here are my reasons why I think you should pleez change your mind:

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