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Cowsills' At Work
September 1970
For Teens Only Magazine


The Cowsills have a good time making music - and their fans have a good time listening!

WORK isn't really work for The Cowsills. It's just singing and playing and having a great time together! But that doesn't mean The Cowsills don't put lots of effort into making the very best music they can for their fans. Any fan who's been lucky enough to see The Cowsills perform knows just how much they put into their work. And their records are the result of many hours of song writing and arranging, rehearsals and careful work in the recording studio.

Like everything The Cowsills do, their song writing is a group effort. Bob still writes most of their material, but Paul and Barry are beginning to write, and everyone in the family adds suggestions. "A lot of the songs you write end up in the wastepaper basket, but most of the songs we write turn out well," says Bob.

"At the moment, I have nine songs partly written. Usually a melody just hits you; then you have to sit around and wait for the other part to hit. But if we had an album to do within a month, I could sit down and knock out 12 songs. It's not that I'm lazy, but I work best under the gun."

"Our own arrangements are just what we do naturally," says Paul. But finding just the right arrangement for a song sometimes requires hours of practice and making changes. All the Cowsills enjoy cutting records. Paul explains why it's so exciting, "What I like about recording is that you take a basic track, and it sounds so bare. Then you add and add, and something exciting and complete emerges."

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